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lol.  It might be my touch screen but I can't get the hang of it.

I grabbed this game off of Googleplay, it is awesome : D

Swing and a hit, and I mean the appearance of the OVERBOY games style.

    I'm getting old but, honestly, itch makes it easy to judge games by their "cover", and I have little doubt, before I even play, that these games will sing with satisfaction the same as newground days of yore [still do].

Drats.  Could be.  It would definitely leave an archetypal feel since it's a shorter type of indie game.   Did I mention it seems like the avant-garde point is to pick up a blue floppy and get it to a terminal so the background changes to make some kind of story telling happening?  It's not under point-and-click but I think it found its way to a "Key Jam" or something.  It's definitely under pixelated somewhere . . . . XP

There is a top-down view low-res pixel game that I'm having trouble re-finding lol.  All I can remember is the guy has to run around picking up little blue floppies, and when he does the background changes from like a computer lab, then to a beach, and so forth.  I think there was a kind of cyber spy plot element, but anyway I can't even come close to finding it again.  It's not an extremely old game, but it's definitely a little dated.

Haven't played it yet, but:   ahhh hahahah, yes.

the music is boss.  period.  Not to have the crazy suggestions but, monkey should be able to warp while mid-air.

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Oh!  You dirty fat zombie!  I was proceeding so well.  I'm looking forward to completing all the lvls.

Hahaha, I don't know, but this is two EXACTLY compatible genres, hahaha.

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phew.  made it to lvl 40 !  I didn't think I would play it for that long :)

you tricked me.   I thought, "oh how nice, an actual real business can share in the informal 3d atmosphere here at itch!" and then I happened to notice the developer's name was corpsepile.  So, yeah, you still deserve every bit as warm a welcome (shoveling a grave in the sun).  Maybe add a phone ringing, or some other such phantom appliance, no?

ooohhhhhh.  The wording of the option had me confused;  I thought it was an option to prompt me before something.  Thank you :)

I want to put in a request to get the genre search organized into a paged format, instead of the endless scrolldown method; it's very time consuming to have to start my search over from the beginning of the list every single time.  Not complainin, site is awesome, definitely eager to see this change  > )

Cat?  Mouse?  RPG?  I like :)  Classic yet original, and excellent fun.

I think that computer might have been Gilligan in another life!

Ahahahaa, awesome idea XD

I like this a ton (pun intended).   And darn it, I want to pause that GIF image to observe the set up better!  lol

I noticed it too, but it's when I get within 2 or less tiles, they start flat out following me (on medium).

Aaaaaa this is awesome :)  

This is very fun and cool, but one weird thing happened.  3rd stage, I had 5 hearts, my level was 3, enemy level was 6, so I took I took a chance on a druid, but it wiped me out.  Anyway, this has good difficulty for this type of strategy, and I like it a lot : )

If it happens again I'll try to get a screenshot.  I used my last draw and put down a card that completed the path to the crown but it gave me an instant game over before it let me move to the crown.  Other than that, this is an awesome time filler.

Very much fun!  I like the graphic effect alot :)