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163 Days ago, I made a short review about how I loved this fan-made game,  and I was looking foward to finishing it. 

141 Days ago, I made an official review about the old version of Lisa the Hopeful.

Today, this is my LAST review over Lisa the Hopeful. Even though it's been made officially that this is the last version update, I will not make any more reviews over this even if small content has been added in the game. 

If you are a LISA player, and you are wanting LISA game that plays out better than Lisa the Joyful, then I recommend getting Lisa the Hopeful for free. Taco Salad presents a fan-made game that showed alot of effort, love, and fun ideas putted into. While I did happen to beat the game awhile back that had only 3 endings, well now its been added 6 more endings. Oh boy. Now if you know something about LISA, it is that a drug called "Joy" can be used to make your characters stronger, but once it is used once, you may discover a secret ending or something else. So basically the 6 endings is just a sketch, half of its endings is the "Joy" ending, instead there is actually 3 endings. Don't take the Joy unless you want to cheat.

(This section of the review will only contain two stories, the first will be the gang, and then the "FUCKING IDIOTS" route {I have not finished all the endings for "FUCKING IDIOTS" so this review will only have the gang, be expecting a review over it very soon!})

The Gang:

Rodriguez alive? That's a joke, right? Well now it's possible to play with Rodriguez. I'm not a tutorial master, so I won't explain how to go through this route. Once you have Rodriguez, the "actual" story will take a turn. This route mostly devotes knowing Rodriguez more than anyone else, so it's pleasing to get to know this character, but it's not as important to know the details about his life back then unless you are willing to know more about him. Rodriguez is the main reason why the group sticks together because he is a leader, and he knows how to deal with situations better than anyone else in the group, even Beltboy. Going through this story was good, it had it's funny moments, but what topped it off was the ending. It was good to see the group together and having fun.

"FUCKING IDIOTS" (Coming Soon)


(Keep in mind, I have not gone through the "FUCKING IDIOTS" route, so this may change)

Now that the story is over with, what really counts about every game, including this one, is the gameplay. People complain about how this game was challenging and they complain abouthow tough and impossible it is to beat. Now here is the answer to your problems of how to beat Lisa the Hopeful. 

1. Beat as many people as you possibly can

2. Get enough magazines to buy resources that may be important, especially Health and SP.

3. Explore the whole map, if you feel you missed something, save every file in from different timelines and go through it again. 

4. Have a strategy when in combat, do something that will increase your characters status, use your support, use necessary attacks, and go for weaker characters before defeating the stronger ones.

And there you have it. If you weren't aware, I played this game in PAIN MODE even without JOY, so yes, it is challenging, but you have to suck it up and go through it if you don't think you can beat it because it is possible. This game play felt fair, having your support while having the Stronghold of your team attack was a good chemistry. The characters status was great to the very end. Nothing seemed unfair. Overall, this game play kept me in focus, even with the smallest battles.

Art design felt original, with a mixture of Dingaling's and other sprites used. Every character you see has a personality and you get what they are. All of it was beautiful. Not only that, but the background, the platform, and the sprite items used was perfect in place. 

Sound was great. A lot of music has been used either Slower, faster, or original, and they were on the spot. Every song used can be understood, it gives the idea of what situation you are in and how it is felt. It would either be a sad, funny, intense, or heartbreaking. Nothing much to say about the sound effects since they never seemed out of place.

Platforms in this game was great to explore. I wanted to explore every single piece rather than finish the game quickly because each area always had variety in them. Although some of it seemed odd, but the one platform that irritated me the most was the Swamp level. This atrocity gave me a confusing mix when I became drugged and I jumped through platforms in reverse. The way you started this platform wasn't a great way to introduce the level because it doesn't give you a save point where you can adjust yourself after having to deal with a few fights. It was not a good level, it killed me. 

Some characters in this game were great, but some of them were bland.  LISA the Painful had characters that felt in place and you could enjoy every dialogue it gives you, whether it is serious, funny, or informative. Lisa the Hopeful was really strong with humor toward characters that aren't important to the story.  It doesn't seem to appeal much because to be clever is to do a mixture, but instead it kept showing off a joke and it was expected. I don't know half of the characters jokes that weren't important because they were only there to show what environment the area is. However, this game does exchange good dialogue with it's jokes, seriousness, and information that it would be something to not mind. 

And there you have it, the new and LAST review of Lisa the Hopeful. I enjoyed this game back then and now and I would be willing to play this game again in the near by future. It's a fan-made game to go by and think "Wow, this was fan made, but it felt like a LISA game." I had a blast playing this, and it's something that will stick to the back of my mind that I cannot forget.

Thank you for everyone who made this, and thank you Taco Salad, for bringing life to an adventure to remember.

8/10 (May change overtime)

22 days ago, I played Lisa the Hopeful, my mind kept bothering me of making an offical review since I said I would probably make one, and, well, here it is.

As I said before, this game felt like a sequel to Lisa the Painful, except it is based on different characters, made by Taco Salad. I wouldn't call this game OUTSTANDING, but very well made.

Some of the characters were used from the previous games, but some were original, and some of them had a laugh that I enjoyed, or being wierded out.

The soundtrack were obviously used from other fan made games and from the original, but the theme for each place you run into fits perfectly.

The gameplay outside of the battle were good, except some of the things you thought would have goods because it was exactly like the previous game, turned out to either be nothing or a person giving dialogue. Also the place I disliked the most was the swamp level. The reason for it was because of the mushrooms that drugs you and makes your combat weaker, and it almost felt impossible to go through without being gassed. I guessed how the mushrooms work was that it spews out gas, and you see the gas floating in any sort of direction. If they aren't in your way then you're clear, but when I tried that method, I got gassed without any gas in the way. Was there something I was missing, or was it a mistake? Anyway, I haven't have to face any glitches while traveling.

The combat system worked nicely, but mostly in the ending, the characters you're facing start to disappear after they  perform an attack, and you would have to scroll over to see if he is still alive.

The story was well written with it's dialogue and how you would feel for each character. I can't say all the characters would be well remembered, except for the main character, Beltboy, and you'll see what I mean when you play the game.

Now the gamemode, I only played the Painful Mode, and it was painful, but it takes strategy and (probably) luck to get through the game without dying too many times. 

Finally, the ending, I've been trying to make this review spoil free, but this can't go without saying anything that would spoil the game. If you want to skip this paragraph, then keep scrolling down till the paragraph ends.


This adventure has more than one ending, you can chose to take the joy yourself, and/or give one or both your characters one, or don't take any at all. Joy affects your combat system and makes your characters to perform 100% critical hits, and are not cheap to sell. But if you were aware of Lisa the Painful, you would be fully aware that it turns you into a mutant monster.

Now the fate of each character you're partnered with turns out that they will die no matter what, and you can't change that. It felt cheap, but it would be more understandable if you weren't aware of how it would've turned for the characters either way.

Now, heres the confusing part for the game "series," if you didn't take the drug, you get an extra dialogue story with the girl and Beltboy, and she says that she needs your help, could this mean that there could be a sequel? It wouldn't make more sense if you drug yourself and decided to leave the game how it is. But I did like the joyless ending. The joyful would just make you feel awful.


This game is in the middle of being called an actual game to a fan made game, and I must say, I am very impressed how it turned out to be. I can't call it perfect, but I can call it fun to play. It still could've have more things to do like more side quests or more characters to talk to and have a goof about it because it almost felt empty compared to Lisa the Painful.

For its rating, I would give it a 7/10.

Thank you for this game, and I'm hoping to see more games coming from Taco Salad.

(Edited 1 time)

I'm only half way into the game, and I must say, it is remarkable. This game feels the new Lisa we all would be hoping for, except this adventure hardly relates to Brads story. You get invested with these characters once you start playing the game and it shows a bond in the party. The fighting feels fair as long you know your strategies. Some humor here and there that you might laugh to, I certainly did. Although it is hard to keep control of your mags compared to LISA, but it is similar to LISA the Joyful. The Antagonist makes me want to strangle him, and that's what it is expected to do with a villain. I can keep up with the plot smoothly. And finally I am invested with the OST, and I am hoping for a free OST without converting the music. I may have a official review over this game, but I decided to release my thoughts about the game so far. Thank you