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22 days ago, I played Lisa the Hopeful, my mind kept bothering me of making an offical review since I said I would probably make one, and, well, here it is.

As I said before, this game felt like a sequel to Lisa the Painful, except it is based on different characters, made by Taco Salad. I wouldn't call this game OUTSTANDING, but very well made.

Some of the characters were used from the previous games, but some were original, and some of them had a laugh that I enjoyed, or being wierded out.

The soundtrack were obviously used from other fan made games and from the original, but the theme for each place you run into fits perfectly.

The gameplay outside of the battle were good, except some of the things you thought would have goods because it was exactly like the previous game, turned out to either be nothing or a person giving dialogue. Also the place I disliked the most was the swamp level. The reason for it was because of the mushrooms that drugs you and makes your combat weaker, and it almost felt impossible to go through without being gassed. I guessed how the mushrooms work was that it spews out gas, and you see the gas floating in any sort of direction. If they aren't in your way then you're clear, but when I tried that method, I got gassed without any gas in the way. Was there something I was missing, or was it a mistake? Anyway, I haven't have to face any glitches while traveling.

The combat system worked nicely, but mostly in the ending, the characters you're facing start to disappear after they  perform an attack, and you would have to scroll over to see if he is still alive.

The story was well written with it's dialogue and how you would feel for each character. I can't say all the characters would be well remembered, except for the main character, Beltboy, and you'll see what I mean when you play the game.

Now the gamemode, I only played the Painful Mode, and it was painful, but it takes strategy and (probably) luck to get through the game without dying too many times. 

Finally, the ending, I've been trying to make this review spoil free, but this can't go without saying anything that would spoil the game. If you want to skip this paragraph, then keep scrolling down till the paragraph ends.


This adventure has more than one ending, you can chose to take the joy yourself, and/or give one or both your characters one, or don't take any at all. Joy affects your combat system and makes your characters to perform 100% critical hits, and are not cheap to sell. But if you were aware of Lisa the Painful, you would be fully aware that it turns you into a mutant monster.

Now the fate of each character you're partnered with turns out that they will die no matter what, and you can't change that. It felt cheap, but it would be more understandable if you weren't aware of how it would've turned for the characters either way.

Now, heres the confusing part for the game "series," if you didn't take the drug, you get an extra dialogue story with the girl and Beltboy, and she says that she needs your help, could this mean that there could be a sequel? It wouldn't make more sense if you drug yourself and decided to leave the game how it is. But I did like the joyless ending. The joyful would just make you feel awful.


This game is in the middle of being called an actual game to a fan made game, and I must say, I am very impressed how it turned out to be. I can't call it perfect, but I can call it fun to play. It still could've have more things to do like more side quests or more characters to talk to and have a goof about it because it almost felt empty compared to Lisa the Painful.

For its rating, I would give it a 7/10.

Thank you for this game, and I'm hoping to see more games coming from Taco Salad.