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I'm only half way into the game, and I must say, it is remarkable. This game feels the new Lisa we all would be hoping for, except this adventure hardly relates to Brads story. You get invested with these characters once you start playing the game and it shows a bond in the party. The fighting feels fair as long you know your strategies. Some humor here and there that you might laugh to, I certainly did. Although it is hard to keep control of your mags compared to LISA, but it is similar to LISA the Joyful. The Antagonist makes me want to strangle him, and that's what it is expected to do with a villain. I can keep up with the plot smoothly. And finally I am invested with the OST, and I am hoping for a free OST without converting the music. I may have a official review over this game, but I decided to release my thoughts about the game so far. Thank you

I look forward to checking out your review if you end up making one! Thank you for your kind words.