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Incompatibilities and I haven't ported it over to Mac yet. But you can try using Wineskin, people have had some success with this.  http://wineskin.urgesoftware.com/tiki-index.php

Yeah the wiki is slowly being filled by fans, it ain't like a triple A game, it takes time. Regardless, just focus fire on Corpulent. Use buffs, firebombs, wear a rubber duck to not be Scared as much. You can do it.

The other endings are meant to be hidden fairly well.


The more overt choices to where the storyline branches are in the Sportsdome - responding to Lanks or Cyclops in a certain fashion will change the course of the story.

Another choice can be made at the very first of the game. Play in Pain Mode again and speak with Rodriguez multiple times. This one is hard to find.

MAJOR SPOILERS (In case you want direct instructions):

To unlock one ending, respond to Lanks by picking all of the TOP (first) options in dialogue for EACH match. (Four times)

To unlock a different ending than that, respond to Cyclops by picking all of the BOTTOM (second) options in dialogue for EACH match. (Four times)

For the last and secret ending, play in Pain Mode. Run from the very first Yogurt Masters fight, collect the item he drops and then go find Artie Choke. Do not kill him - just give him the mags and then speak with him. Trade the item he asks for for a Toolbox. Then return to Rodriguez and you're set.

If you moved past that rock you'd die fall into a pit and die though. I recommend getting high and jumping around.

Of course

Fixed, thank you.

F1 doesn't work on the old launcher if that's the one you're using. Regardless, you shouldn't need to disable frameskip on the old launcher. If you're using the default launcher and F1 doesn't work, you might just be doing something wrong.

You have to extract the game first with a program like WinRAR

Never feel bad about critiquing a game, or really anything you enjoyed. It's always helpful (unless it's a violent tirade against the game dev of course).

This should be fixed if you update

Yep. In the Sportsdome you can talk to your party members between tournament matches when you can explore. You need to give them the right response 4 times and you'll trigger the route. Note that if you talk to both of them the one you talk to last will be the route that is activated. As for what the correct responses are, the hint is that you challenge your party members rather than side with them.

If that's not enough, spoilers: top answers for Lanks bottom answers for Cyclops

Yep, the reviews are a helpful perspective and I've been changing a lot of these things. I agree about there not being enough playtesting.

I think you need to expand your mind a little. Try sniffing some mushroom fumes

You need to extract the RAR file with a program like WinRAR, it contains the game




I look forward to checking out your review if you end up making one! Thank you for your kind words.

That mushroom is a dick I know. Wait for them to be spat out, then if there's no gas on top of the mushroom, step onto it. Wait until they're spat again, then take another step forward off the mushroom once the tile is clear, then continue. It is possible and it's not a bug, it's just an asshole mushroom guarding a pair (or trio) of asshole brothers.

A small update was uploaded around 12 hours ago from the time of this comment

https://i.gyazo.com/34aafdbdf31b1644118aaaea88a52292.png These are not new ropes, just pillars holding up the platforms

Sorry, seems like your computer doesn't like RPG Maker VX Ace games. Might need to do some googling

Does this happen with other rpg maker games / LISA / LISA the Pointless?

Not sure why that would happen, try the legacy version (the alternate launcher).

I'm going to upload an updated version later on that might work for you. Sorry for the problems you've been having. If you want to try fixing it on your own in advance: edit mkxp.conf with notepad and delete the line 'preloadScript=preload.rb'. This might work for you

Did you extract the .RAR file with WinRAR before running the game? The file the error is referring to should be included, so there shouldn't be any problems unless it doesn't have permission to access it. If the folder has been extracted and you're running the game as an administrator, it should work. If not, then all I can suggest is to download the game and try again.

Screenshot of the error please

Sorry, didn't get a notification for this comment. I'm not sure what the problem might be if there's no error message. Try downloading the new version and see if it works, and make sure the game is extracted.

Should be fixed now in the update I just uploaded, you should be able to transfer over your save file safely (it'll be in the game's folder)

That's...strange. Have you tried more than once? Have you tried redownloading the game? The game has an options menu where you can change things like the sound and music volume - did you change any of that?

(Edited 1 time)

Try this: there should be a file called mkxp.conf in your extracted game folder. Open it up with notepad; there'll be a line with 'frameskip' that you can change to false.

Currently, and something that will hopefully be changed soon, I only have the game playable on Windows. If you're using Mac, I don't think you'll be able to run the executable. It should be called 'hopeful.exe' in the extracted folder. You might want to redownload the RAR if you are using Windows and you still don't see it.