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wow never know there's another ending! Will try that one!

Can't say how much I love that. It seems like the developer are collecting player's inputting answer ? It will be interesting to see that list!

It makes me literally LOL when I see Essays on Smpathy. A genius idea to use a simple, short scene to rise some real questions: what's the purpose to give a gift to our parents? To make them happy? Or want to tell them something? And we preconceive our parents too, just like they preconceive us.

In the end I pick up My Cute Neighbour. It's my father's birthday and I want him to be happy. Essays on Smpathy may be an alternative choice if it is not a birthday XD

same here, use admin to create a save file but never save after complete a few cases

Awesome game, brilliant writing. Got the true ending. Through I'm still wondering how many different endings we got here (seems like all not-true endings only have different on the final percentage of causulties)