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oh no! What's your web browser ? was it on PC/Mac or mobile ?

It is , I had no idea

It is not my native language indeed. What's your suggestion for a better terminology?


Glad you liked it !

Happy ▲ day !

It's interesting to see that some people have a hard time to understand how the first 2 puzzles works OR the last one but rarely both.

Thanks !
I added a hints window to give a bit more context to how the comic is supposed to be solved and how to interpret the solutions :)

Thank you !

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Thanks Patashu ! We all need some cuteness once in a while :)

Thank you !  I tried something original, happy to know you liked it :)

I was surprised by the complexity of this seemingly short puzzle. Very cool :)

Very original puzzle game, loved it!

It's available now on itch:

or Steam (with leaderboard):

We'd like to work on an improved version indeed but we still have to clear a bit our schedule. It should be available in October :)

Cool concept ! Impressive team full of lead and directors, that's intimidating :p

With this twist, it's more like a puzzle game than a tower defense but a really enjoyed it

Neat concept and well executed. My only problem is that it was hard to visualize in my head how the rotation would impact the roads before doing it.

The game is really beautiful but very short and not replayable. It would be awesome to add some procedural generation for the Hero profiles and quests !

Hello !
If you like Peggle, I'd love having your feedback about our GMTK's game jam submission Pawggle.
We're thinking about give the game a little bit more dev time and any feedback would be appreciated to know what could be the best things to improve.

You can try the game on your web browser:

Yes. We had the same idea.

Your game is very clean.

Cool peggle inspired game ^^

The idea is very well executed.

I'm sorry. I don't understand your game.

Thanks! I'll add maybe some levels if I find a fun new mechanics to add to the base one but it was meant to just be a little experiment with puzzlescript for me.
There is not much more interesting to do with what's in the game right now (in term of mechanics).


haha ! It is maybe an unwanted 'homage' to JCVD as I'm from Belgium too ;)

Thanks patrick !
The generation is pretty basic and leads to extreme variation in difficulties. Sometime it's still an easy 1-move solution but it's often really hard.
Not sure if it's worth the time to fix this and work on a better way to generate less frustrating  games though.

We didn't search that much and got the first set of card found ( ).
We slightly modified each image to fit better with the rest of the jam assets though.

It was something we wanted to do but time was running out. We'll maybe do a little update later with better generation (avoid 1 move solution and maybe multiple level of difficulty).

Thanks !

We've bundled with another cool puzzle game called Constellations for the summer (from 01/07 to 30/08)
You can check the bundle here :

Hello !
I've just release my first commercial game :

"The starting idea was: what would be the movie Tenet if it was a puzzle game" - Alex from Pandaroo Interactive

Meet me at NooN is a cute puzzle game with hardcore time loop mechanics.

Control two spirits that create time loop each day, learn their different behaviors, how they can interact with each other and how these interactions are interfering with their time loops.

  • Two spirits: you play solo but control two characters - one during the day - one during the night.
  • Time loop mechanics: each move you do is recorded and will be played back while controlling the other character.
  • Intertwined timelines: every interaction will modify the recording action creating a futur butterfly effect.
  • No pressure: if you make a mistake, navigate the timeline and go back in time.

Go check our page :

Hello !

I've just released a demo of my last puzzle game project: Meet me at NooN

The game is about controlling two characters: one during the day, one during the night. Each moves are recorded and played back when you controlling the other character so it's like creating small time loops. 

The characters can interact with each others and modify their own time loop by doing so. It can get wild pretty quickly.

I think there is a lot of depth in the mechanics of this game and I'm sure puzzle gamer lovers could find my game challenging and interesting. 

You can try the free demo on my page:


I'm looking for feedback of the demo so don't hesitate to leave your toughts in the comment section or in the feedback thread in the forum ( Link to the thread).

I hope you'll enjoy the game !