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We released Portal Golf, a cozy Portal Puzzling game! 

Portal Golf is a cozy Puzzle Game where you help a clumsy golfer to complete all courses.

Portal Golf

by PandaBee Studios

Place magical portals to solve tricky puzzles with ever rising difficulty. Spikes, Buttons, 2 Golfers or even Canons make your Puzzling journey tricky! Help the Golfer and learn what it takes to become a magical Golfing-Djinn! 

Play your way, or challenge yourself by trying to get all 3 Stars! 🌟

Feel free to share any Feedback, as we'd love to hear your opinion! ️⛳️✨

Thanks so much! Highly appreciated. 💚

tilt frog

Very cool to watch, thanks! :D

You can actually use w and space! We didn't specify as it's rather niche but it works! 


tilt frog is a 2D hardcore precision game (also 'Rage Game') about a frog going all the way up to the top using only their tongue.

Use your mouse of controller to navigate difficult levels to finally hit the top of the world!

Get that Frog to the Top!

The Game:


Thanks for your Feedback!
Yes, I agree, the font is hard to read. We might push a little update with changed fonts this week.

There's currently no close game button. We always used either Browser closing or Alt f4. :)

Pixel Forge

We'll check it next week, thanks!

Great suggestions! Thanks for your Feedback!

Not familiar with Macs, what's your resolution? :)

Thanks for your feedback! Glad you liked it!

We released Pixel Forge, a cozy Smithing Simulation game! 

Pixel Forge is a cozy forging game about collecting materials, forging them into different items and selling them subsequently. Serve a variety of lovely and weird costumers and create your very own Pixel Items!

And if you don't feel like crafting: You can just hang out in your lovely hut and click the cat for real cat meows! :D

Feel free to share any Feedback as we'd love to hear your opinion! ✨

This is quite fun!
The character design is awesome.


That's just nice. Awesome art style, funny sounds and an intriguing gameplay loop.

That's honestly 6 Stars Polish-wise. Great gameplay, awesome graphic and game feel. Props u lovely people!

I enjoyed that a lot! The polish and game feel is awesome! Could only have been better with one more mechanic or interesting gameplay choice added!

Very nice job everyone!

ADADADADADADADAD - My hands were pretty cold, so it wasn't actually all too easy, haha. Was kinda fun, some progression would be great for the game, I feel. =)

Interesting concept, would've wished for some interesting twist besides the bed. :P

Interesting concept, the phone didn't seem to work for me. =)

Simple gameplay loop but definitely fun. :)

Not too much gameplay but nonetheless funny concept. :P

Looks and feels pretty cool, gameplay problems are known by now. Sadly, I couldn't try it with game pad. But the atmosphere, sound and graphic are nice!

That was a fun experience! Especially the power ups were exciting and quite fitting for the actual drinks. :P

Was fun, especially liked the Powerup! Also, cute little cat fella. =)

Nice art, good atmosphere. Cool that there's a leaderboard!

Was fun and mysterious! Definitely good one. =)

It was fun for sure! Even though I just bought every possible item after some rounds and didn't get as much XP as I would've wanted, but it was definitely a fun experience!

The Music was very fitting, maybe even too chill. :D

Awesome that it runs on Gameboy! Also, warm milk with honey is a nice detail. =D It was pretty simple yet fun. =)

Idee sehr cool, mega spannende Challenge gewählt und macht an sich Spaß! Ich glaube, der Explosions-Baum-Boss war bei mir verbuggt, da er nicht mehr spawnte nach dem ersten Mal verlieren. =)

The tempo increase is getting exciting! Would've loved some element that feels more rewarding than just the dodge in itself. =)

Pretty dang impressive given it was made with PowerPoint! And overall very fitting game design. Very well made. =)

Cooles Puzzle Konzept! Außerdem ist der Art Style echt cute. :)

Sound Design und Storytelling mega!

Cool concept, wonder who also made concepts about keeping an office awake. :^)
I especially liked the animation of the guys, looks very satisfying! Also, the elevator makes for a good travel element.

(1 edit)

Very interesting concept! Glad the coffee tasted! :^)

Das ist echt geil! Schade fand ich nur, dass es nach 5 Stufen endet und nicht theoretisch endlos geht, damit ich den Achiever in mir herausfordern kann, mit absurd vielen Gegnern. :P

Ob Gameplay, Art oder generell Levelaufbau – richtig gut geworden!

Great game! The only thing I'd love to see is an endless mode which is scaling infinitely!

Attack range felt a little too short, which was a bit frustrating for me personally. Overall decent concept! Would've wished for a little tutorial, but eventually got what's going on after some minutes. =D

The game idea is quite interesting, but it's lacking some content to make the gameplay loop work for me. Nonetheless, intriguing concept and good game idea for the topic.