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DefenseIt has been released today! 

Check it out:

Defend the planet and upgrade your spaceship! This is DefenseIt. Put down objects and stop the meteors! In every new game there are randomly generated facts about the planet. Also you can see your ship's details. 

Dear developer,

When I played this game I got really curious about the random questions! I’ve never do something like this before. Can you teach me how to do something simular?

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First of all Thanks for playing!

The game was made for a gamejam so I didn’t have much time. Actually I am only 14 years old and Hungarian so please forgive any english mistakes. I am still learning. I wanted to give it a shot how people like my game and as I see the most of them liked it. It’s super :D. So I am going to add more levels and stuff to do in the game. Also I have to fix the controls. When I got the idea to make this game the most important was the meaning of it. If you can survive, it fully miss the meaning I think. 

Thanks again,

Mate Pataki

Thanks for your feedback!


Thanks for playing!

Thanks! :D


You can't really defend the tree. You have to survive as long as you can until your oxygen gone. Try it out!

Thank you!

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I tried to download it again and now everything just worked fine. I really liked it! :D

I can't open and extract the zip folder!

Thanks for playing! I really appreciate it!

Thanks for playing! That's a great idea for controls!