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What the heck, why is this so cute!?!? Loved the game and love the urban exploration plotline! That's something that I've always wanted to do so it was fun to live vicariously through Alex. And of course, Finn is absolutely adorable! Who doesn't love a cute goth who bakes and worries about your safety? :)

The game looks amazing! I love the focus on exploration and piecing everything together! 

Out of curiosity, do you have any plans to release it on Mac?

This game looks adorable!! Gorgeous art and I love that you can customize the MC! Do you guys have any plans to release a Mac version?

Ah! That is so exciting!!! :)

One quick question... I have a Mac, and I totally understand why you don't include a Mac version on your Patreon. (I think it's really awesome that you're dedicated to only having people pay for something that you know you can bug test/do tech support for!) But I know you had a PDF version of the Plus content for Neil's route on your Patreon, and I was wondering if you do or are going to have the same thing for Dimitri and Caine's routes? I'd love to still be able to see the Plus content and be able to support you at the same time! 

Thanks! Can't wait to play the new route!

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***Mild Duliae Route Spoilers in the Last Couple Paragraphs (Below the Cut)***

Absolutely amazing game! There are so many great things I could say about it, but I know that if I wait until I have the time to write all those things out, I'll never actually get around to doing it. 

First off, I loved the world you created. Very cool to see a militant, elven society!  And all those dialogue choices!!!! I was drooling over them all. Being able to dictate the MC's personality and make decisions are a couple of the things that I look for in an interactive fiction game, and I loved that who we could pursue/whether or not we were on a romance route were not dependent on these decisions. I felt like I was free to make my character be the way I wanted without being punished for it. (A lot of otome games like to put you on the bad end route if you don't choose the actively flirty options, and I'm not a fan of that.)

Also, I loved all of the characters! I thought Laceaga was going to be my obvious favorite because I love the whole "enemies to lovers" trope...but then came along Vadeyn and he just had the prettiest eyes? And was super nice to the MC? And I was just like "okay, this is it, mmhm." 

But then there was Duliae??? And he's not my type, at all, but he was just very interesting. Always very pragmatic. He clearly has his own agenda, and I was intrigued by how his romance would go. So, I was eventually so curious that I stopped playing Vadeyn's route in the middle (forgive me, Vadeyn!) and switched over to Duliae's. And I love him? He ended up being my favorite route and my favorite romance. I think you handled their dynamic very well, and while there was some, let's say, "suspicious happenings" occurring during his route, their relationship never felt unhealthy or manipulative, which I was initially a little worried about with him. I even came to like the pet name he called the MC. (I forget what it was...darling?) And I usually hate being called that... I don't what happened here, but I liked it.

Also, I spent way too much time constantly changing outfits. Very addictive. XD 

P.S. I stole the ring and made it back into bed for the first time during Duliae's route, and I loved all the scenes associated with those choices. I think that's really what made me start to fall for his character.

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I was having the same problem on my Mac. I'd unzipped the download and was clicking on the game, but it still wouldn't open even after checking that everything was up to date and all the permissions were good. However, I found a work around! 

So, you have to:
1. Right-click the application (the actual game icon that you would normally click to play it).

2. Click "Show Package Contents."

3. Open the Contents folder.

4. Open the MacOS folder.

5. Open the Unix Executable file (icon is a black rectangle with "exec" in green) in your terminal (aka just click on it).

6. The terminal will pop up with some text on it. All you have to do is hit the enter key, and the game should start normally!

Hopefully this helps!

This was fantastic! Engaging plot, adorable art, nice use of music/sounds/timed choices to amp up the tension, little details like Luana's sprite reflecting the fact that she ripped her tights...I'm really impressed! Another comment already said it down below, but I also really enjoyed the fact that the game relied more on atmosphere and the fear of the unknown rather than jump scares or tons of gore to make the game scary. 

I got rejected by both love interests in my first playthrough — lol, even in a game I can't get a date — but I actually really like that ending! Definitely going to check out your other games after I finish this one!

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Really enjoyed this! Somehow it was a very calm and soothing experience even though the woman was questioning her existence. And the sounds really added to it! Made me feel like I was right there in the kitchen with her. 


Phew, now that we've gotten that out of the way, let me just (calmly) say how much I enjoyed your work. All of the characters are well-defined and interesting, the mystery is intriguing, and the romance is really well written. I like to play romance/otome games — lol, it's my secret shame — and while I've played quite a few, the list of how many that have actually made me feel invested in the romance is fairly short. However, I can already tell that your game belongs on that list! You are really good at paying attention to all of the small details — the little looks, touches, expressions, frustrations, exchanges, ect. — that go into building a relationship. (I usually have a favorite but I really can't choose between Valerian and Gnarl. I love them both!)  Also, choices! I love the fact that the game actually feels interactive rather than static like many VNs, although I can imagine that that makes it a huge pain to code! 

Out of curiosity, do you have other works that are available to read? I saw something on your tumblr about a fic called ad coleum, and while I now feel like a weird stalker for knowing that, I'd love to read more of your work. Anyway, if you couldn't tell, I really enjoyed the game, and I can't wait to see how the rest of the story goes!