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Ah! That is so exciting!!! :)

One quick question... I have a Mac, and I totally understand why you don't include a Mac version on your Patreon. (I think it's really awesome that you're dedicated to only having people pay for something that you know you can bug test/do tech support for!) But I know you had a PDF version of the Plus content for Neil's route on your Patreon, and I was wondering if you do or are going to have the same thing for Dimitri and Caine's routes? I'd love to still be able to see the Plus content and be able to support you at the same time! 

Thanks! Can't wait to play the new route!


Whenever a route is complete, I release their entire story (including sexual content) as a PDF file for Patreons, so you should be able to get Dimitri's and Caine's as well :)