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This was fantastic! Engaging plot, adorable art, nice use of music/sounds/timed choices to amp up the tension, little details like Luana's sprite reflecting the fact that she ripped her tights...I'm really impressed! Another comment already said it down below, but I also really enjoyed the fact that the game relied more on atmosphere and the fear of the unknown rather than jump scares or tons of gore to make the game scary. 

I got rejected by both love interests in my first playthrough — lol, even in a game I can't get a date — but I actually really like that ending! Definitely going to check out your other games after I finish this one!


Thank you~ I always strive to do my best to make sure the timing is just right when it comes to the music and sounds. (You wouldn't believe how many sfx I downloaded.)

To be more specific, YOU'RE the one who rejected the boys. =P You're too good for them. (Note: Oh goodness. I will say the older games will be lower quality. Which is to be expected since I always tried to improve with each one. So bewaaaare.)