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Omg, I had so fun playing, i love how simple this game is, nice work. 

Very nice! ^^

Awn, thank you so much for this lovely review, glad you enjoyed our game! Well, the slime only runaways from enemies but we  are working on a update to implement an attack mode to our cutie slime :3


Really nice, this game have a lot of potential, keep working on it ^^

Well ,that is what happens when gamers do games:  borns a challenging game  XD

And I had a lot of fun making the pixel art for this game ^^

Thank you so much for your encouraging review <3

Nice game but is kinda challenging( i love it)

I'm wondering how good would if this game was exported to mobile haha

Good job!

I'm glad you liked it haha 

Thanks for playing our game <3

Wow, so great game, nice art and gameplay <3

This game has a lot of potential, would be a awesome mobile game :3

haha glad your like our cutie slime ^^

 thank you so much for playing our game <3

Well, very interesting, smoothy gameplay and kinda challenging :3

I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks so much for your review ^^

1st many thanks for rating our game <3

2nd your game is really nice, pretty pixel art, catchy gameplay, it was really nice pay attention to the letters and watch the gnome do interactions.

One of the best games i had the pleasure to play in this jam! Very well done! 

Ps.: At first moment, i had a lag while the game was starting, idk if is a perfomance bug or is just my pc haha

Thank you for playing  , we're working on fixing the bugs found haha

I will have a look on your game too ^^


Ok, hard mechanics but interesting idea

Kinda heavy gameplay, hard controls but the idea and the art is nice

Nice game, the gameplay is so catchy and challenging! ^^

Review my game:

Thank you, means a lot to us <3

Thank you so much for your review in Slime Dungeon! <3

Your game is also so fun, at 1st i died a lot before understand the mechanics haha

but i think enemies spawn too fast, become a little hardcore

Its a really nice idea, the art is so great, you ara very talented ^^

very nice!

very nice :3

the movement needs improve to be playable..

I really loved this game! So nice the gameplay and graphics. Nice job. But in some levels i saw bugs ,mostly where had many witchs , they passed by colliders and the music got really weird.

Wow, I really liked. You are very criative! :D