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I wait for the update ;-) Gives any ETA? 

Wait for Update to 2.0 Bro ;-) After that i think its really better... i hope it.

Good Evening everyone ;-)

To my Problem: I try to export a bigger model as 2D Oblique (Frontal) but after export the model is not complete rendered. only the part in the "preview".

This is the Model. Not really beautiful.

And this is the export result:

Some Ideas to fix this ? I change the Zoom to 0% but nothing helps. :-) 


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btw. its possible to enter the Vehicle?

and No Problem :) I search for more Bugs if i found any.

And. i love the game. i play this at morning before i go to work with a cup of tea :'D

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Strange behaivor by Closing the Storage Module

Its almost impossible to press the Closing Button by the Storage Box

Dont Use the fullscreen Mode under play

If Game is fullscreen mode(Max Button under windows), the menĂ¼ looks really wired.