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Ik how to get it already,nvm-

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How do i save my progress?

(Edit:Nvm,i know how to do it now-)

bro in one of my comments there were a lot of people commenting 'same' like they were filling up my notifications-

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So are we just gonna keep repeating same in the replies or?(Not to be rude or anything.)(I'm awake and my fingers hurt like shit-)


How do i get the endings again?I forgor-

Sorry,i was dumb before-(I simp for fictional characters now though-)

You're welcome!:D

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This is so cute-And can you make a dog version as well?(Not pressuring you.)


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It's cuz my wifi is shitty-(I blame it on the wifi)

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This reminds me of my dead dog that died from distemper-


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i like it.(my typing skills are stupid-)

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It's kind of rigged-And i tried multiple times and i got 90% this time!(Good game!)

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I also helped a lot of other people in my community profile,if you wanna check that out click on it-(Some of them are not related to it but ok-)(Also if you're wondering why there's like no comments related to helping in my community profile,it's cuz there's too many comments i commented-check out my playlist and look at Admin.I helped someone there.)

Endings i've gotten(i think-):

heart attack

bad ending

sigma ending

good ending

true ending

Endings i didn't get yet:



hit by car

car crash

flat earth

How do i get those endings?(I've lost count okay,that's why there are so many endings i didn't get yet-)

What are the other 3 endings?I've gotten 7.

Yk,it would've been cool if in the 'Would you like to begin?'question,if you kept clicking no,the person questioning you would get mad and force you to click yes.And the question would restart normally but without the option to click no.There would only be two yes's.(Not forcing u to add this but if you did it would've made the game scarier-and look cool.The game is already scarier without it.but still,it would look cool and scary.)

(Ik i wrote a whole essay but do not rub it in my face-)

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np~(off topic but it's so laggy on my end-)

I want to get all the endings but it's gonna take a long time-

There is an expanded version i will be releasing soon.It has a web version you can play but it's glitched(i need to work on that soon-),you also have to pay to play it but i will be making a free file so you can play.

Don't worry, i didn't,it was a good game though!

That was creepy,that almost made me grab a chair and smash the mirror-Anyways,it was a good game!

This actually made me turn around.I was so creeped out-(Good game!)

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K,but i don't know what other stuff i should add to the game.And i have school in 4 hours and it ends in 5 hours and i'm gonna make the expanded version of the game in 6 or 7 PM.(Ik that was off topic sorry-)

I asked both,and the first one said it's ok as long as the game fits both themes and it's the same timeframe.


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Sadly,the other jam's timeframe is 10 days,is it still possible?

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Thanks,it kind of fits both themes well since the first one is Themed anime,and the second is themed autumn and it fits both themes.I just combined them both and added some stuff since if people have gotten my idea already.

I will make a game but i'm also focusing on another game jam.And since i'm too lazy to make another game for that game jam,i thought,why not make a game for a game jam and put it on another game jam?Is it allowed if it fits the theme?

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So,i have a game i'm working on,and i'm wondering,if i can submit a game from an old game jam,to another game jam?(Ik,i'm dumb,but don't rub it in my face please-)(Although,people might see the game and if i submit it,the other game jam is in 10 days and might be spoiled god this is risky-)

why did this make me cry a lil bit when i first saw it-

Bro why the fuck would you do that?Of course you wont get it back cuz you need to play the game to get the trophy again.

I'm gonna have to work on that soon-

Sorry i replied 1 day late-(Anyways,i updated the game and it now has a free version!You can now download it without having to pay!)

one word:

c u t e

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i feel like this is a genderbent version of ddlc but their personalities are diff and i love it-

(Edit:i still love DDLC btw and i like the girls better than the boys tho-))