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[ozuka music]

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Oh, just saw this! Downloading it right now--thanks for the credits!

Wow, thanks a lot for the compliments! I only have another NES pack available, no SNES tracks ready to go by now... Are you working on some retro project at the moment? Cheers!

Awesome, thank you very much! Let me know when your game is up! Cheers!

Also, are you going to upload the game here as well? :)

That's awesome, thanks for sharing!

Tamo junto, pode chamar!

Quê isso, tamo junto... Compartilhei no Twitter hehehe

Acabei de dar um testezinho rápido nele antes do trabalho rsrs Ficou massa, tem um bom potencial pra desenvolver num jogo full pra mobile, por exemplo - usando touch, etc. Fico feliz da música ter caído bem, também gostei hehehe Abrass!

Rapaz, tá dando conteúdo proibido lá no Game Jolt (Forbidden, etc)... :(

Opa, tá no seu perfil aqui? Vou dar uma olhada, valeu!

Já comprei, tranquilo... Posso compartilhar essas chaves no Twitter? Valeu!

Valeu meu velho! Vou ver se compro teu game mais tarde, a ideia é muito boa... Boa sorte!

Thanks a lot! I checked the trailer but the song there isn't mine, so I guess there is music from several composers? Either way good luck with your project!

Thanks a lot for the feedback! Let me know if you use it somewhere, I'd love to see 'em in action!

Yes, for sure! You must only credit the composer, no other strings attached :)

Glad to see my music in there! Cheers!

Right, gonna work on that! Thanks!

Hi there! I have 2 retro soundtrack packs listed here and I'd like to offer them both if possible:

Thanks in advance!

Thanks a lot! I'd love to know when you find any of those musical cues useful for your projects, make sure to let me know!

Cheers, good luck!