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It was a rather funny coincidence that we'd both seize on the elevator game as a premise for a horror game and comparing the two games is pretty interesting. I opted for a more linear approach largely because I don't have the skills to do what's done here, create an immersive environment through text and styling that gives the sense of actually being in an elevator. It manages to capture the feeling of playing the elevator game more accurately and is more genuinely unnerving, at least to me. 

I've had the urge to make an Elevatorcomp ever since we almost hard three elevator games in Ectocomp.

Oooh, this is the first Let's Play I've gotten for any of my games. That is so cool. I watched the video with a friend of mine and I was happy about the fact that you managed to jump-scare us a couple of times, we weren't expecting that! It was a good Lets Play and I liked the creative touches. I have to confess that it is a linear game, I originally planned more parts, but I was running out of time before the deadline of Ectocomp. I feel bad about that whenever people play it for the first time and think they must have done something wrong. I might make a sequel out of the branch I had to cut some day, I'll have to make up for it in that. 

This is a surreal Twine told (I think) from the perspective of a superpowered individual. The perspective is very strange and distorted, giving the impression of someone not human. The writing is terse and again, very surreal and evocative. It is is quite a nice entry.

@XanderHD I have played the PC part of the game, running around as a little TV-headed dude, but I haven't been able to have the full experience yet.

If this indeed is a VR-game, I can't play it as I don't have the setup for it, but I've poked around as best as I can to see the artstyle and concept. Y'know, I kinda hoped I'd get a vaporwave-style television-head as one of the submissions, and I was not disappointed. I'm sorry I can't comment more on the actual gameplay as I don't really have the setup to experience it.

I played this until I came to an "double-click to edit this passage". This is the sort of game I had in mind when I started the game jam, Interactive fiction with a sense of humor. I like the creative use of sometimes manipulated photos, it makes the world more colorful by reminding us how colorful and distinctive different kinds of birds are and how silly the idea of, say, a bird with sunglasses is.

This certainly fits the criteria of "anything but human" as there's a plethora of different nonhuman:, animal aliens, robots, traffic lights and I'm not even sure what in some cases. The artstyle is excellent, the environments are imaginative and I love the character designs. The dialogue is really funny, especially the ones surrounding the traffic light cat-robot (heck, jsut the fact that there is a traffic cat-robot in the game is pretty entertaining.)

I agree with the description, it has some pretty nice-looking pixel-animations. Are you supposed to be able to move from side to side? Cus I only ever found out how to go straight up and down.

I must admit i don't know what a rage game is, but I am familiar enough with rage comics to hazard a guess: deliberately rough-looking done in either paint or a paint-like style. And within those parameters, it suceeds pretty well. The character controls chaotically, but wrestling with the control is like half the gameplay. It also gives me a pang of nostalgia as I'd draw out levels in paint on the school computer and "play" them by selecting the character and moving them around the picture and this is basically what I would've pictured in my head as I was doing so.

I really enjoyed this demo. I liked the premise and the comic-style intro. It's quite an addictive precision side-scroller.

I really enjoyed this one! As a proofreader, it hit pretty close to home.

I havent been able to make this file work, say there should be a "Nuneuf_data" to go with it. It's a shame cus I was really looking forward to playing as a sentient number 9 with wings!

DINOSAURS! I found this a little confusing to play so I haven't been able to make it far in it, but I like the concept and I'm definitely going to play it again.

This is a nice little precision platformer that I unfortuately didn't manage to get very far in. (My platforming skills are rusty.)

I really enjoyed it, If this is your second IF, I am really looking forward to seeing what you'll do once you really get a handle on the tools. I was happy about reading a story about an artificial intelligence that doesn't follow the Frankenstein-mold, where the AI work with humans rather than against them. The writing reminded me a bit of Choicescript games, and I couldn't help but think this is a concept that'd work well with Choice Of Games stat-system. I liked how the story gave a snapshot of the life of this colony, in a relatively brief time, you get a good idea of how life in the colony must be and what sort of decisions they face.

Yes it is, quite alright. There's been some multiple submissions already. I just finished Steven Seagull by the way and I really enjoy it. I'm prolly the right audience as I quite like birds.

Yes, I'd say it is. As my description says, part of the inspiration was classic fanzines, who often made use of collage and other creative uses of fair use material. With a "Do it yourself-attitude", I don't mean you can't rely on the work of other people, but rather that you should use whatever tool at your disposal to make something and not worry too much if it isn't slick and polished.

I am opening this thread up to questions if anyone have any. I only really have one rule, which is that at least the protagonist should be some kind of non-human (although the more the merrier!) But there might still be some questions about what does or doesn't qualify.

I'd like an extention as well, cus there's no way I'll be able to finish in just one day at this point.