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Here are 41 low poly sculpts and characters that you can use for your games or projects. 

Access them for free here:

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Get to the juicy sculpting details right away by using this Male Blockout.

Let's face it, while essential, blocking out character can take a lot of time. Hopefully, this blockout will ease some pain and speed up your workflow. Take the blockout and use it as a foundation or change it entirely!

Check it out here:

Thanks for reaching out! Please contact us at We would love to chat with you about a Linux build. 

Thank you so much for taking the time for these kind words!! Enjoy the game!

Glad you are still working on this! It looks awesome!

I’ve gotta check this out! It’s insane you made this in under 5 days

AMAZING title and concept!!

Check out Chris Gildart's first look at Centroid!

Check out Goodshot's video on Centroid!

This is awesome!! Very well done!

Wow! That's really good!

Just downloaded! I'll play with my kids over Christmas break. Super cool idea! It brings me back to my childhood of playing Weapons and Warriors. 

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Very fun game until the colors start flashing. I think it's too much.

Nice art and fun gameplay! Great game jam product!

Did you update the game since last night? I swear last night there were slopes and I became airborne...I like the neon idea.  will this be a racing game or a shooting game? I could see it going either or both ways. Really reminds me of Diddy Kong Racing with the hover crafts :)

It was definitely fun to drive around... and I wasn't even playing with others! I loved how the little guys looked at me!

Didn't see ya at the most recent game jam... Are you coming back?

This looks hilarious! Really love that Tonsil Terror logo too!

Haven't tried it yet but it look fun! Do you plan on adding cloth simulation to the ghost? Or even just a bone system with some simple animations to give it a clothy feel would really add to the game.

WOW! Love the artwork. It looks like something I would have played on the SNES back in the day!

Such a fun game! It can get competitive really quickly!

 You have a mole problem in your back yard. How you choose to deal with these pests is up to you... Will you drown them in the pool? Or maybe cook them on the BBQ...Maybe their demise will be a little more akin to a Coen Brothers film...

Swipe-a-Mole is now on itch! It can be found here

This was our first attempt at VR and was created over the weekend for a local game jam. Enjoy!

FYI...I downloaded the mac build and it did not work. (as stated earlier you cannot test the build) 
There are only three files in the mac version. Application, license.txt, and readme.txt 

Please check out the game page.

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Have you ever wanted to play as a severed hand? You can!! Here is our first game! Please let us know what you think...

I have got to say that we are so thankful for itch. It does most of the tedious legwork for us after a game is completed so we can make more games!!