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I refunded it on cubebrush. Thanks


yes sure. You can use the asset in as many commercial or non-commercial projects as you want. No credits needed. This is true for all of my assets. Thank you

Hi, sorry to hear that. I've added Spine 4.1.24 Json. Hope that solves the issues. 

I've added json v4.1 to the downloadable files. 

Thx :D

I missed the theme and that cost me a lot points. I ranked 2nd for fun and game design but 166 for theme.. 

BTW your game is ranked 39 out of 243 games and I think that's something too. 


If I only did that a decade ago :)

The music is so cool :D

For some reason the elevator didn't go up so I wasn't sure what else to do man. Looks promising tho

If you can spare a minute or two check out my game too <3

Superb game dude! Excellent work. Some polishing here and there and I think it will be really nice.

If you can spare a minute or two check out my game too <3

Looks cool but I wish it was on the browser :(

Also check out my game if you can spare a minute or two <3

I found lots of poops :D

Great concept man with the satellite image

If you worked less on the boob animation maybe the game would have turned out great :)

Woah the first anime game in this jam :D Very well made game man. I love it. 

Also if you can spare a minute or two check out my game <3

Woah nice game ! Can use some polishing but great game overall. I like the idea with the battery!

If you can spare a minute or two you might want to check out my game as well <3

Also if you can spare a minute or two check out my game :)

Ohh I love games like Darkest Dungeon. :) But I think the UI needs some rework because although I really enjoyed the game it was at times confusing what button I pressed and what was happening. Nonetheles good game <3

If you got one or two minutes to spare you can check out my game too :)

Mozza come here ^-^ 

Lovely cute cat with a bow tie. Nice work man.

If you have time check out my game as well you might like it :)

This game is just NUTS! In a positive way haha Originial idea I really enjoyed it. Seriously tho how does one come up with an idea like this :D Keep it up.

You may like my game too if you have time to play

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In this jam I played a cat, a frog, a dog, penguins and finally I played a microscopic fish :D

Looks promising. You have really captured the microscopic enviroment and I think it's a very well made game. 

It's a cool game and has a nice beat to it. Well made! 

You can try out my game too if you like.

Your game and my game gameplay wise use the same mechanics :) 

It's only that you play horizontally and mine is played vertically haha. Nice game bro I made it to the top 20

Awesome game concept! Reminded me of Soul Reaver where you change dimensions and with it the world changes and gets distorted in an interesting way. Loved playing your game!

When you have time feel free to spare 1 or 2 mins to check out my game as well <3

Option A: Leave work

Option B: Contnue work

I clicked B. You died out of fatigue xD

That was kind of unexpected ahah. But I played again choosing option A this time . Nice game!

You can play my game too if you'd like :)

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Rain particles look amazing! I wanted do some rain particles myself but failed yet yours looks amazing :D

I also liked the gliding mechanic for the dragons which kind of stands out from the rest. Keep up the good work!

If you like you can check out my game too. Really nice work on the game!

Hah! Smart idea about the blurry screen for the blind girl game. Nice one. I'd appreciate it if you could check out my game as well :)

Superb game! The upgrades were a nice feature and certainly added some extra fun. After I lost 2 times I figured out running around the border in circle you almost become invincible :D This game surely deserves to be in the top 10 games. Good job

Thank you. You can play faster and better with the left & right arrow keys ;)

Hey nice game acutally! If you put a thumbnail for your game it would perform better.  Also if you have time check out my game :)

Wow amazing unique art style.  Should be one of the top 10 games in ths jam

Nice game! I think this is the best text based game on this jam