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yes sure, can you write me an email to

oh yes the turret has a walk animation. It would be too much work to show all animations here so what I did was to show some samples for each character. But yes turret can walk and even jump and do this super beam thing and more :D

added license. You can view it under "more information".

Thank you :D

Foxy 2D Character Asset Store Page

Like what you see? 

Check it out


Ninja Cats includes 4 beautifully designed characters with various animations for devs who are building  platformer games.
Here some quick insight 

Love what you see? 

Check out the store page here: 

Ninja Cats

you can write me an email to 

Just finished with a 2D viking character asset I was busy the last week. 

Check it out  ;D

Yes sure. You can use anywhere. No credit needed.  Thanks.

Nope. No problem. You are free to use. You can share a Youtube link here if you want ;D


drop me an email to 


Hi david

first thank you for the support. Yes I have a lot of assets in mind for the future. Especially to complete the cyberpunk asset I also wanted to make a cyberpunk themed GUI set. However I barely find free time to work on these projects. So you would probably wait a long time before you get any new assets in this style published. Instead if you need some special characters or tilesets done for your game we can arrange a custom work for you which I can accomplish faster.  

For a custom job you have contact me at and we can discuss the details

Thank you again. Good luck with your game!

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The giant black widow spider is perfect for placing an enemy in dark, terrifying areas such as a graveyard, forest,ruin,abandoned buildings or underground (e.g digger games)


  • excellent 7 animations
  • 100% vector
  • HD sized animation and body part exports in .png format
  • source files included

More information here Giant Black Widow Spider

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  • unique design and character
  • smooth, fluent 40+ animations
  • amazing quality fx (muzzle flash, smoke trail & explosion)
  • 100% vector
  • exported animations as png sequence and spritesheets
  • source files included for editing and modifying




For more details visit

My rayman inspired 2D character asset is now available on

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I'm very happy to hear you liked my assets. Also thanks for the support.

My next project will be a litte girl kid character with a lollipop and a teddy bear in her hand with different emotions such as angry, happy, sad etc and will be animated in NIMA most probably.

I've an endless list of items I want to accomplish but I progress slowly as I lack of time.

I'll think of the wizard not as next but as next next ;D

You can follow me on facebook if you like and get notified about my newest artwork and progress every now and then..

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okey.. somehow the package was named equal to the updated one but it was actually the old file.  Anyways it's the correct file now (hopefully).

Please redownload it. Thanks.

There are 3 jump poses

  • jump start
  • jump mid air
  • jump fall

When combined together it makes a full jump animation. Do you need a full jump cycle animation instead of the jump poses?

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yes, you can use in an unlimited number of projects without the need for credits. You may also use in your commercial game even if it was modified.

The only thing I do not like / permit is to sell the game asset as it is elsewhere and cutting through my business. Thats all.

Hope that answers your question.

Have fun :)

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I am trying to create more cars in my spare time. 

I do make paid assets too. Just write me a mail to and we can discuss in detail.

Thank you.