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thank you for your sympathy and donation 

thank you my friend , yes we pray for everyone safety in Syria and Turkey 

thank you my friend 


For the past 12 years, the Syrian people have been living under sanctions Imposed by USA and many western countries, with only one hour of electricity per day. no fuel, no gas. no medicine, no medical aids available in the pharmacies. Yesterday we were in the middle of an earthquake measured by7.7 Richters, and all the Syrians ran out Into the streets at 4:00 AM, It was heavily raining. A stormy night, some people slept out In the streets and more than 900 deaths were documented. 

Today, we expect the International community to lift its sanctions off the Innocent Syrian people and to save them from the Injustice and never ending suffering. We are in need of rubble removal vehicles, equipment. fire trucks and ambulances. We are not third world people, we are from a civilized country that has provided humanity with a lot, but your sanctions are contradicted with international law, it's agains humanity, your sanctions were the reason for stopping the wheel of development. It's preventing us from building our country after the war, you punished the people and forced them to Immigrate. 

so now I'm only asking from you as a human to do what you can to help Syrian people in anyway you can(donating to any organization that help Syrian people, spreading this message,etc)

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cool happy that you liked the game, I'm a solo dev and perfecting every aspect of game development is kind of hard , I don't promise much but keep your eyes on update 1.2

thank you for your honest review , I'm glad that you enjoyed the game 

I will try to fix some of the problems that you mentioned in the next update 

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yes it's download only, itch got this option and I'm testing something 

In the last sell way more people claimed the game but the download numbers were low 

Now there is no claim option and the downloads are higher , so I believe more people will acutely play it 

try to use IDM (internet Download Manager) it support "link refresh" if it failed 


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Glad that you liked my game , and yes this meme is funny and on point ,thank you

You made my day 

an Arabic streamer did played the game 

part 1  (level 1 and 2)

part 2 (2nd boss)

note : the game is not the usual type for this streamer so he had some difficulties with the game " the game is way easier and shorter than it shown in this stream"

thanks AnasZrock for playing my game 

yesterday the game was free for 24 hours but that offer ended 

they should have updated that 

thank you for playing my game 

1.this will be explained in the third entry if it got made but a hint : if hadad in the futures don't see any more or injured do hadad in the past got the same injury?

2. Baalshamin uses a spell on Edessa but she didn't know and so the player 

3. evil edessa is still inside edessa but know she work with her even the transformation got her style 

  يا سيدي بارك الله فيك  , صراحة وفيت و كفيت و شكرا على دعمك و انشالله تكون اللعبة عند حسن ظنك و بنتظار رايك 

thank you for this generous  review , I will try to fix  some of the problems in the next update 


Edessa fan art

Edessa fan art By Majed Zeno

thank you my friend for your opinion glad that you liked it 

you asked for this 

Note : beware of the spoilers 

thx , that actually a great idea , I will think about it   

thank you for your tough love , ya sure it could be better , ok I will pm you when I start the next project


thx mate , ya you can read the Baal Cycle , its a cool one if you can find it 

and in the next installment i will adapt more stories from the book

hi mate , sure great idea I will make a video about all the Easter eggs 

and I will post it on Outer Paradise channel on YouTube so subscribe 

thx mate but there is no "guys" I'm a solo dev :)

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 شكرا صديقي محمد

 رح اخد نصائحك بعين الاعتبار و احاول احسن من اللعبة 

سعيد انها نالت اعجابك 

Thank you my friend, ya the combat system will be improved in the next game to free style stylish system,and it took really long time to develop , give it some time and I'm sure you can make a better one 

thx mate , I'm glad that you liked it 

Ya I have a low end laptop so I asked one of my friends to give me his laptop but it had some thermal issues, I will do a new trailer once I got a better device 

I will look up the transformation issue , thank you for your feedback 

thank you for your awesome review 

so I asked via email for extra space or to use mega as an external link 

How long until I got an answer ?

I asked for 20gb is it possible to get this kind of size?

Thank you for your kind review 

The Empress : Awakening

Venture with our hero to the mystic isles of the old gods "Ba'als" and beat the courses to prove that you are worthy ,meet a different types of enemies ,overcome ancient obstacles ,and defeat the usurper witch and free the people from her rule

enjoy the story driven hack n slash game with elements inspired by the unexplored ancient civilizations of middle east

i would like to know your opinion and what I can improve