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If you own it the game should be in your library.

We're close to the final version of Hypnolab, it should come close to our final release. I would expect 1-2 months at most. We simply wish to get the core game finished first. I hope you enjoy it when it's ready!

More platforms is a work in progress.

Thanks. We're working on these bugs. I'm glad you enjoyed what you've played so far!

It just was.

The vive index seems to have some issues at the moment. We're looking into it, but don't have an index ourselves to test with. Feel free to hop on our discord server to discuss it.

If you'd like a refund at some point do let me know, I will ensure you aren't stuck with a game you can't play. We'll do our best to get full functionality for the index as soon as possible, though.

This version is VR only, but will be updated soon. I'm going to re-enable the old build so non-VR users can use it properly. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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The demo IS the full game. The purchased version is also the full game with a bunch of extras. There is no bug I'm aware of causing anyone to go back to the main menu. If this is happening to you then you should show what's happening so we can try to fix it.

1.4 is out, it replaces the previous download of the game.

You can just download the patch alone if you use the itch app. Otherwise it'll have to be be fully downloaded. The final major patch should be out today.