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I take it you're playing on a mobile, Lemente? It's not really suitable for mobiles. Not sure what you mean about turning the background black - it IS black.

If you load the game from here it should open up in fullscreen: http://takekey.tumblr.com

What gets me is how many people fall for it. Why can't they see these people have absolutely no interest in their games and are simply looking for followers and the opportunity to advertise their channel?

Great game, but how do you quit from it? I tried 'end game', 'finish game', 'quit', 'quit game'. Escape doesn't work.

In the end I had to hit the Windows key, then right click the game in my taskbar and close, but I'm sure that's not the method.

Is there anything that can be done to discouraged or prevent all the youtube fishing in the general forum? All it does it push the important threads off the main page. It's like human spam.

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No, it's not the widget I want, as that places a graphic. Also, the widget launches my game embedded on the itch site which isn't what I want either.

I realise now that all I need is the https://itch.io/embed-upload/ link followed by my game's ID, but can I ask what is the colour setting for at the end of the link, after the game's ID?

If all the link does is launch my game in full browser mode, what is the colour reference for?

Hi, Amos. Thanks for the reply.

I'm a little reluctant to mess around now as I finally got it functioning in the desired fashion by using the 'Ludum dare' link (whatever that means) and then using wordpress' link option so that I could display 'Play' instead of the link.

Are you sure the 'Widget' option wouldn't run my game in the blog post?? This isn't what I want. I want a simple 'Play' link that when pressed opens the game in full browser mode.

As I say, I got that with the Lundum dare link so I have got it working how I want, but when I was testing a few weeks ago I was definately using the embedd code and getting the option to change the link to say whatever I wanted.

Anyway, I'll try your Widget method as an experiment and get back to you.

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I'm trying to host a Twine html browser game on my wordpress blog.

When I was in the testing stage of setting this process up, the embed code allowed me to change the link to say 'Play' which when pressed opened my game in the browser.

Now when I try, the embed code actually displays/embeds the game in the blog post instead of giving me a link.

What am I doing wrong please?

Thanks in advance,