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Yes they are rigged and optimised for UE5 usage.

This model was optimised for blender 3.3,  Let me take a look and get back to you very soon. Please drop in a email, in case I need to send you an updated model, I will do that. Sorry for the issue.

Use them as you please, always up to educate and help students. If you need any of my assets on my page, just send me an email and i will be more than happy to send you them, under the condition that those are distributed among all the students for free.

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Sure! Are you posting on youtube? please send a link if you do.

Thanks! If you are unable to buy them at the moment. Ping me, and I won't mind sending the models you need for free. Thanks for the support! Always ready to help a fellow creator. 

With new softwares, I use multiple of them for better results. 



Thanks! I will try to keep making them as much as I can. If you have any custom request, don't fail to let me know. Do need some ideas.

Thank you so much. I do not have enough knowledge or skill on maintaining a discord or even keep doing this constantly, but I will try my best to start one as soon as possible. Will keep you posted.

I would have added the same, but unfortunately I don't have these files with me anymore. If I can recover them, I would create a base template and upload on this pack soon.

All the characters have movement sprites for 4 directions. I will try to add a movement diagram asap.

The base is 17683, and with the clothes, shoes and accessories, it should be less than 25K.

Thanks a lot mate.

Sure, will keep that in mind when creating the next pack. 

I would love to, depends on how this asset set does.  is there any particular requirement that you have?

Thank you very much! I hope you like it.

Thanks mate! More are coming.

CC0 : Free to use for personal & commercial projects, I will update that on the description. Thank you for mentioning.


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this is the most original idea ever. you should name the monsters "weeping angels of narayana's amazing mind".

*amazing game 

The game looks amazing. The use of assets is really amazing. The gameplay is kinda lacking, and it can do really well with a little better sound design. Overall, a really nice experience.

Thanks, I am glad you liked it.

Thank you for the review.

I will surely look into the issue. I am working on the game again and will be adding more levels with some more polishing.

Fkn amazing game! I am currently kinda hooked to this game. 

Great Job

It's a really cool concept. It's a great game.

Amazing Job!

Thanks! It's Tears Wont Stop by David Fesliyan and ES Murder in the Dark. Both royalty free and available to use anywhere

I thought of adding a lot of sfx, but i ran out of time. If you go through the game files, you will see a lot of content that was cut due to lack of time. I will add them after the gamjam is over. Thanks for the feedback.

Great concept for a story based game. The audio feedback for typing is amazing. I hope you work on story based games more. Great job.

Very interesting concept. Great use of assets. Good Job.

Thanks. I am glad you liked it. 

Yes, that was a intentional troll. It was meant to mislead players into restarting the level.

Awsome. Really fun to play

The story and the premise is awesome. The eerie darkness gives a great feel to the game. Amazing job. 

I just wanna add that the mouse sensitivity is very low, and the abrupt end to the game can be looked into.