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it looks so simple but actualy is a suprisingly tricky little puzzler, i realy enjoyed it

the scary thing is , as the dev the controls feel rather logical ^^, 

but yeah since it can be tricky i thought some relaxing music goes well with it.

thanks for playing

a nice hack n slay, egypt themed games are rare these days so overall enjoyable

a nice little jump n run, with the highlight of a very charming audio

the only critique i could find would be that the grace period for a jump is very low, if it even exits?

hmm how unusual, so since engine takes care of export and such, not sure what i could do there, so sadly i dont have a mac and cant really export and compile it for mac

sorry about this

Thanks for playing,  the Pushing back is more or Less a other River Arm that merged withh the one, there is an actual map in the Screenshots since i wasnt able to finish the Minimap one.

and i guess after the jam i add something that the camera begins to pan infront of the kayak the faster you go.

nice little game,

even so the background is a bit to noisy for my taste, else its great

such a cute litte game, the character brewing has a nice touch


sadly with the 64x64 pixel screen it didnt found a good way to implement a minimap, maybe i find a solution after the jam


tbh i had huge Problems with the font ... somehow it didnt want to except spacing between characters at all

i tried to have it smaller but it actualy messed realy hard with godot so this was more or less the smallest i could go and have it work..

about the controlls, yeah i fell in the creator biased  without noticing

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Greetings, yeah i picked up the rebellion challenge,  and so my theme was "We have to stay asleep"

sollte dann wohl simulation tag hinzufügen, hmm

erstaunlicher weise warnt einen vor dem download deines spiels, weil dein account so neu ist

hat durch aus starke half minute hero vibes

yeah tbh i had planned more but time was shorter then i thought so i cut it down to at least something ^^

psst, this game is totaly based on my real arm length , but dont tell anyone

vielen dank ^^ die Rebellion war das erste was mir in den Sinn kam als ich das Thema gesehen hatte

Sweet Little thing, sadly i got stuck on the telephone

geht mir nicht anders, der wecker steht nur ein bisschen näher

game is a black screen for me ?

everyone needs a good long sleep

now i wish i had this idea when drawing it ^^

if you wish to sleep, sometimes you need to stretch ^^

(1 edit)

hmm i guess the timer is to high, thank you for your feedback 

edit: and the aim is to continue sleeping ^^

when the rating is over i  try to fix it in an updaate ^^

but thank you for the input

well the plan is to gather information and try to get parts to counter the kaiju, so vbery bare bones

thank you ^^ 

hmm the general idea behind it is. the kaiju is randomized . You try to get parts or info on the kaiju to counter it yes its super bare bone

Swords and Sandals ? Actualy never heared about it. But will look into it.

And thank you

thanks for the comment.

so before i can continue with this i would need more practice in art ^^

thanks for the comment, so yes i noticed with the fonts to late and was already burned out <.< i am sorry


i must say this is so far the longest and most indepth review anyone had given to something i worked on. so a huge thanks for this, i can only assume that it took way longer to write it then to play the little prototype

but still a few things  i have to explain, well the long title, magical girl animes tend to have realy long title .. i think this was the logik behind it

about the left side of the screen the enemy symbols it should show more or less what kind of enemys will spawn in the next wave. every wave and every enemy in it has a randomized spawn position and randomized movement pattern. The only thing fix is is, this color of enemy uses this kind of attack. Yeah so it wouldnt be to unfair . 

but yes it would need a whole lot more work to be an acceptable bullethell game


yes the Art indeed mismatch it is more or less cause we used the assets created for the VN part.

cant say for sure if a finished vn would have made the mismatch better or maybe even worser

Well i learned after the Jam that it is actually a Problem of the Engine it self that the sound can get all glitchy in the html5 Version.

so hewre is a funfact it was actualy planned to have visuel novel parts but the story script wasnt finished. The logic and all is there to be a Visual Novel player but without a story it was no use.

Since we had an a and b side of a track the idea arised use aa switch mechanic between two characters ^^ and the pictures on the right were indeed basically used to show them off. Our artist did a realy great work but mostly for the now cut VN part. so we reused the Art as a Health indicator ^^

(1 edit)


thanks for playing.

Also yes the Music switch is intended and this is actualy the less creepy game over screen that was created ^^


Someone hinted me that gliched music could maybe be do bad internet connection so hmm only testing the windows downloadable version could give here an answer

Hmm sorry but somehow i dont get it

there was a diamond but all it could do was move to the right and down until it vanished out of the screen ??

Thanks for the comment,

yes i also love the manager design ^^ and voted for it.

The Font is more of a placeholder i searched something and found that.

The Namebox yeah i pushed in in the last hours before submission end. So this will be most likely one of the first things that i will improve.

Thanks for the Comment,

suprising how much People can read from so little shown. And yeah a Pitch would maybe describe it atm a bit better. 

So yes indeed the Overworld is a Placeholder, only to show that an overworld is planned.

So far it sounded to me as the team was intressted to keep pushing this game. 

it fits the Theme realy well, but also hmm sometimes i did die without even understanding how or why ..

and maybe a checkpoint system would be nice ^^

but overall a neat little game