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It is Android. And I got it figured out. I made a save on the memories page using the one that worked. Then downloaded the other and now both are on there.  Thank you. This game is everything I was hoping and more.

Once I downloaded the DLCs only part 2 DLC showed up. I tried downloading part 1 again but then part 2 DLC was gone.  What's happening?

Thank you so much.  I just kept skipping chapters.  Thank you. 


Okay!!  Earlier it was not showing an install button and it just said not available for windows.  YAY!  It's fixed now though.

Windows 10 Version 1709 for x64-based Systems ,  I have looked through all of my game library again, and your game is not the only one who I am having this problem with and it is really worrying.  Thank you for replying at all.  

Is this not going to be available for windows?  I would really like to play this but I only have a Windows.  TnT

So, I bought this game 10 months ago and I was able to download it then, but I had to erase everything on my computer and when I came back to download it back it said not available on Windows.   I know that it is not running on mac, but there isn't a problem with windows, right?

This game is absolute perfection.  I love stat raising games and visual novels and you mixed the two magnificently.  The characterization is great and I can't wait to see how this ends up and I will be sure to fund you on Patreon.  

Good luck 

d (^ w ^  ) b