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Glad you like it! Do you remember what you were doing when it crashed? Also my game is not a virus, I'm not sure how mobile avast works or what it would be detecting?

Thanks! Great Let's Play. 

  • I'll be looking at adding in a height measure so you can tell how high you are in the sky
  • The road markers are every 80 meters, not 100 which is why the distance doesn't line up with them. I just wanted them to be close enough so you don't feel 'lost', but I might change this
  • Acceleration really does less and less as the game goes on because of the ramp and runway
  • Earnings increases your money earned by 10% per level
  • I have got some other suggestions as well and will be rolling them into a future patch. Not sure when I'll get to it though.

The patch is now live that lets you reset the game save data, so you can start again fresh.


In the Menu (press escape or back) there is an Unstuck button that will reset the car back to the start.

If you want to reset the game(reset the upgrades to 0) I'll be adding a patch soon that lets you do that.

Yes! There is now a gameplay video on the game page and here is the direct link 

Serious ARPG Gameplay

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Cube Tiers is a voxel adventure game where you craft items, mine resources, explore, research new tiers of tech and have fun. The worlds are procedurally generated and can be played in three different game modes. Explore deeper underground to find rarer minerals that can be smelted to craft more awesome items. Check out the page to play for free on Windows today!

Rearrange anagrams to find the hidden phrase or word in this casual puzzle game!

Available free for Windows and Android, there are over 216 puzzles to solve across 16 categories. Test out your word skills and see if you can become the Anagram Master!

Rotate circular image fragments to fix jumbled up pictures in this picture puzzle game!

This casual fun game is available for Windows and Android! Over 140 puzzles spread across 12 different categories. Each puzzle can be played on 5 different difficulties!

Build some Towers, buy some Upgrades, unlock some talents and stop hordes of enemies in Quick Tower Defence!

The game is free and available for Windows and Android. It comes with a map editor too so you can make your own custom maps to play on or share with others!

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Maps are stored in a folder (containing a .png, .mi, and .map file) in the game Maps folder. This folder is likely C:\Users\[Your User Name]\AppData\LocalLow\Justin Moore\Quick Tower Defence\Maps.

You copy these folders to share with others, and pasting other people's folders here will let you play their maps. After pasting start up the game and it should appear with the other custom maps, after the games included maps.

Anyone can play any map, including those made with the Jungle Expedition adventure so feel free to share and try out different maps. You will need the Jungle Expedition adventure if you want to create maps with its tiles though.