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we'd love to chat!

yes, however you have full control over when the jumpscare happen (using left click) so it isn't very startling (at least imo)

you just look down and the screen will be there

is this free to use for projects?

Thank you!  Also, my recovery has been surprisingly pretty painless, I just look like a chipmunk

Amazing! The movement, combat and level design are so good!!!

the 4 uncompressed videos in the game files: 

ok but actually maybe I will patch this down the line thank u for the feedback

best game about a salmon ever made


Ghost Tag is a 2 player vs game where one player is a human and the other is a ghost, and when they touch, the ghost become a human and the human becomes a ghost! Try and stay human for as long as possible!

thank you!

I think the concept is okay and I really like the art, but I think you could make it more interesting by giving the player more agency, i.e. maybe there are points within the level where the player can choose if they want to re-roll their color.  I also think it might benefit the game to lower the number of colors, since having to account for so many different routes seems to limit the level design a bit too much.

I think this is a good first iteration on a game.  I like the concept, however I think it's a little bit too hard for me to wrap my head around.  With revision to make the idea more intuitive I think that this could be turned into a cool puzzle platformer!

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I really love this game!  The only things I'd add are a "next" window, and maybe something like in the blocks in Lumines that destroy all adjacent blocks of the same color that can help save you if used strategically.  Otherwise this game is absolutely amazing, I love the concept and it doesn't feel like I'm playing a game made in 48 hours.  The subtle bit of color visible on the sides of the die that show you what side is next is a great, super helpful and elegantly implemented touch!

please do, if I could play this on my phone I would all the time.  I just showed this game to my girlfriend and now it's burned into my laptop screen lmao

I really liked the gameplay and the presentation!  Also an impressive amount of content

I really love this concept!  I just wish there were some sort of garbage blocks or something because otherwise it feels like you can't lose

glad to see the speedrunning community take off.  I actually designed this game around speedrunning.

just made a patch which should hopefully fix your issues!

thank you for the feedback!

I really like your concept!  Though, I had a glitch where trying to move quickly made me clip through the wall, and I couldn't get out, though weirdly reading the other comments it seems maybe this is just me

Just rated your game!  Also, glad to run into a fellow crunchy game connoisseur...

JUMP ON HEAD is a platform fighter with one goal: JUMP ON HEAD.   Casuals and pros alike can enjoy its fast-pacedresponsive gameplay.  Play against up to three friends (currently local multiplayer only) on six diverse stages, and try to be the last player standing!

You can get it here!