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either that is a bug or its meant to represent the shots getting "buffed" by passing through the fire baby.

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Minor(?) Bug: Occasionally, Spider Baby's shot just... stays right above the ground, until another enemy hits it.

Update (?): Possible cause found, when the Spider Baby's shot hits an enemy that blocks lobbing shots, if its at the end of the track, the shot will just keep bouncing until it eventually "hits" the ground, without actually hitting it.

... They fly over anything infront of it.

interesting game, i like it

update: i figured out how to use the furnace

This will be my first hour review of this game, i might make another one for when im farther in, IF im farther in. Anyway, the game itself, worth the price, even though i didnt even pay a cent due to the promotion. It's really fun... If you're smart enough to understand everything the game throws at you. I mean, for one, the game tells me nothing about how to use the furnace, no tutorial, not even a hint in the keybinds, and also, i dont even understand what "Meditate" really is and why its on my gear, Like, this game's really trying to be innovative, but its doing so too early. Ive been stuck trying to collect some progress but being gatelocked by simple things.

Overall, so far, 7/10. Not bad, not too great either.

Cool short and fun game

he already uploaded the game himself???

You should try playing through the campaign before playing multiplayer, since its really simple and helps you learn!




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Make them.

Whenever you vote someone out and you leave before they get jailed, you get softlocked and are forced to leave the game.

Your games are really cool and always a surprise to check out! I especially enjoyed this one since i like idle games. :p 7/10. That's all the game related comment has to say. To be honest with myself, i don't have a job and my allowance only lets me get 1 of these games per month. and sometimes i wanna play these games, but usually cant afford them because i had spent it on a previous game. Its kind of sad. I had an idea that would never come into reality, which in itself is kind 'of sad but whatever. the idea would be like maybe releasing 1 free game/cheaper game every couple of months so you don't lose out on too much revenue, and people like me could see and check out more of your games. They wouldn't have to be of same quality as the $3+ ones. heck, i'd even settle for worse quality on the cheaper games, all just so i could experience more of your amazing games. But as i have said before, it would most likely never come into reality. That's all i have to say. Keep on keeping on!

Game was good, all the way up to the boss. just hid behind some spikes and wiated for him to eventually run into the same spike so many times that i win. sure, i did attack him, until i ran out of fish, and was low on health. so i then hid. and yeah yknow

game otherwise gets a 7/10

Can you only go through a single week or am i just stupid? i complete a week, make my rent and then some, and i dont keep anything.

I personally had trouble even getting past chapter 4 and ended up rage quitting since i got stuck at that second red wall and didnt know how to get please but up to that the game was good though really difficult..

No. at release it costed 3$

LOVE the update. love the new shop. (especially with more cards) JUST. LOVE. EVERYTHING!

I loved this game! Suprising short though... i actually beat the first and final boss. i did so by learning their attack patterns

just keep your buds together. it helped me

no. its suppose to collect it. and its a reservoir so it haas like ALOT of oil

its  because how would you remove oil realisticly when you discover it?

oh ok.


IT says it up there. just there are empty card spaces but i have all the cards like every single one maxed each out. what are they for?

oh k

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I have 158/170 cards. cant get anymore.. what other cards am i suppost to get to get them all?!

Also. unrelated:People are talking about a windowed mode. cant get my game to do it. so how is it even possible to get the game into windowed mode?

i only know this way. Use sample on volcano

Game was awesome! althought i had basicly researched all you could up to before the industrial revolution on endless and the game froze on me. had to close it with task manager.. other than that. its REALLY fun.. like REALLY fun... definitely recommend buying.

Same. ive only gotten free games from itch and this was the first i bought and it was amazing

I want single player bc i dont have friends who  can play with me


Click and hold