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E-Dustry: Sandbox Adventure Tower Defense Game · By Evolvedustry

First Hour Review of this game

A topic by oreiboon created Jan 23, 2022 Views: 107 Replies: 1
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This will be my first hour review of this game, i might make another one for when im farther in, IF im farther in. Anyway, the game itself, worth the price, even though i didnt even pay a cent due to the promotion. It's really fun... If you're smart enough to understand everything the game throws at you. I mean, for one, the game tells me nothing about how to use the furnace, no tutorial, not even a hint in the keybinds, and also, i dont even understand what "Meditate" really is and why its on my gear, Like, this game's really trying to be innovative, but its doing so too early. Ive been stuck trying to collect some progress but being gatelocked by simple things.

Overall, so far, 7/10. Not bad, not too great either.

update: i figured out how to use the furnace