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I did wait for quite a while, all the text had finished appearing too, the frog just wouldn't move forwards at all

I think the game might be broken? I tried all of the items on the elephants and it said that the frogs worked, but I still can't move ahead

Thanks for playing. You can force the opponent holding the ball to drop it by pressing shift, tho I definitely should have added that as like a mini tutorial or something. I also originally planned for there to be a time limit as to how much you can hold the ball but ended up never implementing it

Thanks for playing. I originally wanted to add that, but it ended up not really working unfortunately

Thanks for playing. When the opponent is holding the ball you can press shift to force them to drop it. I should probably have made that clearer in-game lol

The game is really good but the sound effects really hurt my ears lol

The sound effects make me feel as if i was being initiated into a triangle themed cult. Really cool submission

I love the control scheme, I'd definitely play an entire game with it. The visuals and music are also really good. This is definitely my favourite entry of the ones i've played so far.

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It's pretty impressive that you managed to make a game with so many levels in such a short time period, but i definitely feel like you should have spent more time on polishing you character controller and enemies than on making levels. The fact that the enemies and spikes' hitboxes don't match with their sprites at all is probably the part of the game that caused me the most frustration, and there are definitely very easy fixes for making the character controller feel better, since as of now it feels very floaty and like i have very little control over them, which is kind of a problem in a precision platformer,  i highly recommend watching this video from Jonas Tyroller the next time you make a 2D platformer. I really liked the game's graphics and audio

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Really cool take on the theme and i really like the mechanic, some stretchy sound effects would definitely go a long way into making this significantly more enjoyable, as well as maybe an increase in difficulty.

The controls are really smooth and i really like the graphics, but the sound effects kinda hurt my ears lol, but great game overall.

I'm trying to click Start but it doesn't do anything, is the web build broken?

Thank you for playing, but there are keyboard controls tho? Did they not work on your browser?

Thanks for playing. I originally meant for the X blocks to send you back to your last move, but that sorta proved to be a problem when it hits you while you were standing still, so I ended up making it so that if you were standing still while it hits you, it'd send you back to the position the X block previously was, I was sorta hoping that it wouldn't be that confusing but I guess that wasn't the case lol. As for the times when it  hits you and nothing happens, I have no idea about the reason for it, but it happened rarely enough during playtesting that I thought it wasn't a high enough priority

I'm on Arch Linux

it looks cool, but it crashes every time i finish the first wave for some reason

Thanks for playing. There's a glitch where if you try moving a very short amount of time after the heartbeat you wouldn't move nor fail, I tried fixing it for a while but ended up not managing to