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Ohhhhh, I get it~!! Thank youu~!! 

Actually, I was hoping for that to be the case, but I wasn’t a 100% sure, so I asked~ It’s a bit hard for me to find games with that option, so to be assured that this one is, it really makes me happy 😊 

Thank you for making this game~!!!  😊😁😁

Hello, may I just say that the demo was delightful and the art is beautiful~!! And Pol was so cuteeee~!! He’s my favorite~

There’s something I want to ask, what does “Top/Bottom/Skip adult content options” mean?? I mean, I can understand the skip option, but what about the top/bottom??

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Oh okay~!! Thank you~!!!

I couldn't take a screenshot but I did take pics of it~

Oh and the traceback text document is also seen in the SeiyuuDanshiExtendedDemo-1.00-pc folder


I've just finished playing the extended demo and I'm happy with the updates~!! The new expressions were cute~!!! I'm also happy with the special scenes~!! (By the way, can you decorate the chocolate?? If so, where/how?? I couldn't find it XD) I really think it was a real power up~!! (Though I do miss Hikaru's running-hand-through-my-beautiful-hair during the first meeting XDD

By the way, is it okay to pre order while using another's computer?? I think my computer really was the problem since when I tried to play it on my grandfather's, all the weird things disappeared......

Oh and, should I just ignore the exception trace back thing??

No, I meant that when I tried posting again, I couldn't XDD

Why do I keep on getting the "The submitted form is invalid. Try submitting again."

at the forum?? XD Please tell me what I'm doing wrong????????? XD

Thank you

It's OrangeKit14

I tried to register there but the activation code won't appear in my mail...... Will it just appear later??

I'm using a 32-bit Operating System for playing the demo, and I also have the screenshots

So, I've already played the demo and ma~n I can't wait for the finished product~!!

It's so cute and I'm glad to finally meet Hikaru~!!!!!

I just have wonder why I can't see the text messages and the buttons for the outside (VA School, Office, Town, etc.). I also can't seem to read/see the auditions....

Oh~ No wonder~ Thank you for replying

Um, how do I download this game to my iPad??