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Hello, may I just say that the demo was delightful and the art is beautiful~!! And Pol was so cuteeee~!! He’s my favorite~

There’s something I want to ask, what does “Top/Bottom/Skip adult content options” mean?? I mean, I can understand the skip option, but what about the top/bottom??

Eeeeerrr... It means if you want Tirs to be the seme or the uke in each sexual scene. Is it clearer this way? lol It's a bit embarrassing to explain!

Ohhhhh, I get it~!! Thank youu~!! 

Actually, I was hoping for that to be the case, but I wasn’t a 100% sure, so I asked~ It’s a bit hard for me to find games with that option, so to be assured that this one is, it really makes me happy 😊 

Thank you for making this game~!!!  😊😁😁