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So, I've already played the demo and ma~n I can't wait for the finished product~!!

It's so cute and I'm glad to finally meet Hikaru~!!!!!

I just have wonder why I can't see the text messages and the buttons for the outside (VA School, Office, Town, etc.). I also can't seem to read/see the auditions....

Wow, that's weird. I haven't heard about that bug before.

Any screenshot of it? (how the text / auditions isn't displayed?). Also, what OS are you playing it?

I'm using a 32-bit Operating System for playing the demo, and I also have the screenshots

It'd be great if you can report the bug here! =)


I tried to register there but the activation code won't appear in my mail...... Will it just appear later??

What is your forum username? I'll manually activate it for you

(sometimes the e-mail activation doesn't work and I don't get why that happens :<)

It's OrangeKit14

I have activated your account =)

Thank you