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very nice

its a nice new way of playing visual novels

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I'm just sitting here in awe and joy that there is a another part of the series available

thank you Nami for giving us another wonderful experience.


this was an amazing story. it clearly portrayed a realistic perspective about the situation in the story. social status,wealth,etc. not all love stories are happy, some even dark like this one. I give it a 9/10. to me it just lacked a few visual illustrations which would give more impact to the story. i hope you don't take this criticism to harshly.

hello...i think you should take care of yourself first. im pretty sure we wouldn't be happy to burden you even if this is your passion. so please take care of yourself first and don't worry. we will always be waiting.

its minecraft but its free


Are there any secrets in the game?

now if only there was an anime adaptation to this i would surely watch

what is EN and FR?

I liked The second game the most especially the part where you try to lead Moxie upstairs in the hotsprings again and again until something funny happens.It is this detail that I admire about the game and that the creator put effort for that. What made me play this game series though was that the characters feel like they have their own personality in this compelling story that will leave questions in you like....What will happen to our main character and the people around her? Thank you for making this game and allowing it to be seen by other people like me.Can't wait for the next part.

*chooses randomly in inputting code*

*gets it right*