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Hi guys I uploaded a new version, which should fix crashes.

Sorry guys, I uploaded only 64bit version, and now uploads are freezed till voting is done.

If your system is 64bit too, then check that it is compatible with OpenGL 3.3 or higher.

Still no audio, but it's playable.

Currently only navigation and fighting mechanisms are implemented. Most of which is ugly, has no audio.

Will be updated soon.

I made Snake3D for JimJam, ToyTanks is a game that I am currently working on,

I have never been in a game jam, so I thought the game we submit will not be in my account, ie: it's soley for the jam,

when I tried to sumbit the game, it showed a dropdown list with games I already in my account, also a upload new game button,

I thought the game in the list is just for reference and it will ask me to upload a new game, so I first submitted ToyTanks, but later realized my mistake, then I uploaded Snake3D in my account, then  submitted it to the jam.

that's my dumbest mistake!

right now the snake moves once every 0.5seconds, if I reduce it to 0.25seconds or less, the snake will move fast, but the player has to respond quickly

in a low poly world a plain green texture for grass would fit well,

some decorations like low poly grass and flowers will take it to next level.

java 1.8, Windows 10

also windows file explorer treated it as a zip file, ie. it gave a zip file icon and it just opens the file when I double it. But I have other jars, which gets correct icon and works correctly.

jar file is not running, shows error: could not find main class

that realistic grass in low poly world is wierd

without that skip to next level option, I wouldn't have reached the end.

the neon light effect is cool

just add some more stuff, like energy drinks etc

not caring about fancy assets, just making the game - that's cool.

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like the art style, and the screenshake.

yeah this game needs to be refactored a lot.

the speed is actually the number of units it moves at once, it is now 1 unit(integer), and has to be an integer like 2,3,... that 1 unit is the size of each piece of the snake, so if speed is increased, the size of snake's each part has to be changed accordingly (ie: the faster the snake the bigger it's body parts gets).

as I can see here, everyone hates slow snake, so I try to do something.


But the mechanics of turning tank and it's turrent independently will be good only if controlled using a joystick.

yeah audio, better UI, screenshake and some polish needs to be done.


I first let the turret rotate all 360 degrees, but that actually confuses which direction we are facing, so I put limits to the angle.

If you are using Windows 10, the smiley and other characters won't be displayed correctly ( bcoz Windows 10 got a new console). To make them show correctly do the following:

1. Right click on the top window border of the console,

2. Check "Use Legacy Console" option,

3. Close the game and rerun.

Note: this is a setting for the console not just for the game, if you want the Windows 10 default console back, uncheck this option from any running console.