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Yes i joined a minute ago as beerFootBandit. Thanks for the invite!

My pc is too slow to properly play but I like the idea of the game, and i think you should go the extra mile with the locked camera feature. I'm confident you will make it work

Hi I'm new to gamejams and was wondering if I could join and where to submit my game if  I could

Hi, if you like Real Time Strategy on mobile devices you might want to check this one out. I'm ready to upload it, but I still have some touching up on the Tutorial to do. 

In the demo:


Sandbox: A peaceful practice zone to get used to all the features in the game.

Survival mode: Start with a few workers, build your base, forces, buy air support, nukes, or build your own... All you have to do is survive until the waves run out or capture and hold all resource mines for 2 waves.

There are many ways to win...or lose, its all up to you.

If you would like to see a sample gameplay please visit my Youtube channel on 30/04/2019 where I will have some gameplay and devlogs ready:

And on my home page at

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Micro manager is a real time strategy in development for android and pc. It takes place in the distant future where bots and drones have replaced human soldiers, but can be commanded by a single commander called a Manager.

Current Features include :

-a tutorial campaign

-play a match vs 1-5 ai players

-diplomacy, choose to be at peace, war or ally in each match

-land and air and naval units

-small, medium or huge maps

-top down shooter/rts survival mode

And more.

MM in the early stage of development and you can view the progress in the link above. Feel free to leave question or comments in the devlog or send me an email.

Thanks for reading