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Oneiric Worlds

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Thanks David :)

Sure! I totally understand, I did the same :)

Thanks a lot :)

Totally... I got carried away with this cone of vision... :S

Sure, It might need a bit of tuning on the difficulty :)

OK! Thanks for the info. The anims on the monster spikes are pretty cool though :)

Sure! I think I understood that, but there are some cases when it pops from one edge to to the other, and I couldn't get there in time! Anyways, it's a very minor thing. It doesn't happen very often.

Thanks :)

Actually... infinity! It's more a scoring game than an actual finishable game :p

Don't worry, I didn't downvoted you for this :) Just wanted to give you feedback!

Good game! A bit hard for the beginning I think. I wish there was more an easy way to get through bolders if we are on the other side of the screen and can't get back in time to the protective crate. Apart from that, brilliant! And Godot Power! Yay!

Nice one! It took me some time to get used to the super sloooow motion of the thief! The graphics, even if simple are super coherent :)

Crazy work for only 3h! I really liked the pixel art look, but I was also curious to see the full detailed 3D models (seen in your screenshot). The gameplay is pretty smooth, but I find it difficult to NOT make the chickens fly away. Anyway, awesome job!

Oh! And maybe you want to add arrows to move (because some people (like me) may not have a qwerty keyboard)

I love the 3D perspective mixed with 2D game elements. A bit hard to read when the player is very close to the camera but very nice for the rest of the game. Well done!

Great job there! I really love the graphics of the character & background! The "monster" is a bit simple in comparison, but that still works pretty well. 

I would add: killing somebody in a climbing stair case might end up blocking you the way... (dead body blocking)

Well done! In only 3 hours? Crazy! I would have lower the timer before becoming a stone/cube when you don't move. It's difficult to use the "dont move" mechanics as it is I think. Apart than that, awesome job!

Yay :)

Thanks a lot :) But I still have some work to do! I only show what is not awful ;)

Thanks mate :)

Bravo d'avoir fini ce jeu! Et gameplay très ogirinal bien dans la thématique! Well done :)

Super workflow! Vous avez l'air d'avoir trouvé un truc qui efficace pour la jam :)

Ben bravooooo! Super taff!

Super boulot la team Yllah! Je suis curieux de savoir si vous avez tout fait from scratch? ou si vous aviez dejà des trucs utiles en stock (genre mouvement du perso/caméra)? 

Wow! Somebody played my game! Amazing! Thank a lot for the feedback! And sorry for the glitch :S

Thanks a lot for the test :) And your pun was totally fun ! Icy, I see... Haha! And by the way, you can totally criticize, I need feedback from players :) Thanks again!

Thanks a lot sir! I'll do my best to improve it :D

Awesome man! You did quite well for someone not that good with racing games ;) This feedback will greatly help me improve the game! Thank you sooooo much!

Hello there! Thank you so much for testing the game! And don't worry, the game is quite difficult and not very user-friendly at the moment. You're feedback will greatly help me to improve it :)

Yay! Thanks a lot mate! For the video and the feedback :) I planned to gives access to all tracks and animals from the start in the final release... But if there are a lots of demands like yours, I'll sure consider making some kind of unlock system. Thanks again! Or maybe lock only half the tracks...


Thanks a lot for the video and the comment :) You're right, I still need to work on some stuff! Regarding the crate box, I was considering to change them, so your comment conforts me in this thinking!

Aw! That's awesome! Thank you so much! And you really made me laugh while playing, but you finally got it! You totally nailed it!

Yes, there is quite a steep learning curve, especially with no help... And I should re-balance the AI, definitely! Thanks a ton for your feedback!

Waaa! Le style graphique et le gameplay "Game and Watch" sont super fidèles! Bien joué les gars! (Bon j'étais déjà nul à l'époque sur ces jeux, ça a pas changé :p )

Thanks a lot for testing my game :) This means a lot to me!

Oh I though It was already Qwerty compatible! My bad! It's updated. You can redownload it, it should be OK. Thanks for the feedback :)

Hey, the demo is finally available! I hope you'll like it :)