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Congratulations ! Material Maker is really a great soft that deserves to succeed ! As you mention ideas, I have a little one myself: maybe you could add an option in the export to Unity (or other engine) settings to only export the maps and NOT the material itself. Why would you ask? Because, in my game project I use a custom shader which is overwritten each time the material is exported (or more exactly re-exported). I work a lot by iterations. Nothing awful, I can always set my custom shader back by hand in the engine. But for each export in a massive material/texture production, it's a bit annoying. Regardless, keep up the good work, your software is awesome, and now that it's 1.0, I plan to talk about it to my (little) French community. You rock !

You can easily customize exports: select the Material node, hit Control+W, click the pencil button, go to the Export tab, select the Unity export and remove the files you don't want (or you can duplicate the export target if you want both options). You can then copy your custom Material node using the node's context menu (copy and paste items).
Et si t'as encore des questions, n'hésite pas à me contacter sur Discord. ;)

The more I learn about Material Maker, the more I love it. It's crazy! Merci beaucoup pour le conseil, je vais rejoindre le discord :)