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I love this game, i love shipwrecks so this game is my cup of tea. Feedback: the controls are a bit annoying to use especially movement; maybe add a few more points to move to in a room rather than one per room so the player has more options. Other than that it is a great game! I must ask: what tools did you use to create this (ie the physics engine/ game engine)?

awesome game, very fun also thanks for the gift at the end!

that was an awesome game!

Hi thanks for checking out my app. This version doesn't have that feature but i am rewriting the whole app and that feature will be ready later today. Also it will be uploaded to the newer project. If you click on my account you can find the new version

will it be announced here on the itch page or your discord or somewhere else?

Paint Jam 2021 community · Created a new topic Theme?
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Hi, other than  using paint for the graphics, will there be a theme to follow and if so where will it be announced? 

the game is terrifying and very intense but I like it!

fun game! I really like the visuals - it's simple but nice! Not sure if this is intentional slow-mo but when ever you blow up a lot of enemies all at once the game really lags. Other than that the game is awesome, great work!

Nice little game! I think you should change the sorting layer for the traffic lights and the cars as it looks a bit weird that the cars drive over the traffic lights. Other than that it's a great game!

fun little game! 

Epic! I'm looking forward to seeing new content for Cave and your devlogs!

the sound design is incredible! I think there needs to be a bit more to do in the caves rather than just dig rocks-maybe somekind of dungeon or old mining huts to explore and loot.

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I'm not looking for an artist but i just wanted to say that your pixel art it is incredible, I love it!!

oh no, anyway


Oh no, Anyway...

Thanks for your reply. That link fixed the error (yay) and I have been playing Billy's Nightmare for a while now, it's very fun. It's very satisfying to kill the enemies (especially with the pirate skin and his spear weapon). Great work!!


I download the game and I get a 'fatal error' when trying to load it. The splash screen loads but then the error happens.

The error:

Can you help me fix this? 

I agree

I love it. It's a hard but fun game and it's very rewarding when you complete a level. It took me 13m 49s 95ms to complete it, i think it's a nice feature to see how long you take! Great game!

i love the art and the game play is satisfying 

I love the game! The art style is amazing, I found my self trying the sink the boats rather than help them!!


thank you very much! :)

I love the music!!

thanks for playing, I think I know the enemy you mean- the tall one? Also I wanted to add music but I ran out of time

I really like the fact that there is check points!

I appreciate that, thank you!

I love this game!! the attack controls are very satisfying to use, my favourite was the dancing dagger. Also the boss fight was very fun. Your game has a lot of potential, if you carry on development, you should add check points as when I died I had to restart from the beginning. Very good game(One of my favourites)!  

thank you! glad you liked it, I will be sure to check out your game and don't worry about the bugs, there's a big bug in my game in the first level with the doors at the end. :)

thank you very much :)

I really like your game, good work! also the sounds are very good!

I love the background music!

I like it! the character is a bit fast tho

nice game

I love the art style and sound effects. don't forget the Dani milk reference!! 

thank you very much for the feed back. I'm  glad you liked my game! I will try get that door glitch fixed.

I love this game definitely one of my favourite games of the jam!!! I think you have a strong chance of winning.

a nice game