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cool concept!

This is really well made, I love it!! It was a good idea to add a global leader board because it really makes the game more addictive as i am constantly trying to get a top score!

thanks! Also well done reaching Santa; most people can't get that far lol!

Thanks, I appreciate your comment! :)

thanks, I appreciate it!

oh that's a shame :( thanks for checking out my game anyway!

thank you!

This game is so cool! it can get a hit hard though

graphics and sound design really make the game stand out!

Fun game. Its good that your game is easy to understand because that makes it fun not frustrating. The acceleration is a nice addition to the game my best score is 104 seconds - it gets quite hard!

pretty cool idea. However, I don't like the fact that the game downloaded the file with out my permission; I'm always cautious about downloads from the internet regardless of whether its only a text file. 

I couldn't get past level 2. I made wind but I have no idea how to use it

yeah, it could be in the right circumstances but for some levels (such as the one where you disconnect the gun and shoot through a hole) the guns piling up can stop you completing the level as they block the hole.

Very fun game although i couldn't quite beat level 10. On level 9 I think the collisions on the spikes need to be a bit smaller because even when i was stood next to then I would die. Also i think the game could use a bit of music. Other than that its great game! 

LOL at least you can make out that it's Pikachu - my friend thought it was a banana! Not sure if you made it down far enough but Mario and Santa also spawn!! Thanks for checking out my game :D

I'm so glad you liked my game; your feedback made me so happy! :D

Thank you so much I really appreciate it; I'm glad you enjoyed it!! :)

fun game; maybe make the guns de-spawn after they get detached from the gun as i soon had i big pile of the that blocked some holes

solid game since you said you've been learning pico8 for a few days! I also love the look of pico8 games. 

The faces on the bottles make them look cute! The icy controls are a bit annoying but on the other hand the graphics and level design is very good!

its strangely satisfying to hit enemies with the ball and chain however when the cursor gets damaged the game freezes for some reason. Also I love the graphics!

I love the graphics but the controls are really hard to use and it took a while for me to get past event the first level lol!

really nice models and the game's controls are nice to use!

Cool graphics! The game could use a tutorial though.

I love the 2d sprites in a 3d world! The camera is nice but it is a bit hard to aim accurately! Other than that its a great game!!

I'm not too keen on the controls and I kept getting stuck on walls. If you fix those then you'll have a solid game :)

takes a little while to get used to it but when you do the game is fun :)

I love the game; you did an excellent job! My favourite level was fraud (the 8th one) because it was just so weird but fun!


very fun game!

it says on the jam page: "All games will be peer voted" meaning that the community will vote for each other's games

I'm back for another game; this time I got 4m 22s 219ms!

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I love this game, i love shipwrecks so this game is my cup of tea. Feedback: the controls are a bit annoying to use especially movement; maybe add a few more points to move to in a room rather than one per room so the player has more options. Other than that it is a great game! I must ask: what tools did you use to create this (ie the physics engine/ game engine)?

awesome game, very fun also thanks for the gift at the end!

that was an awesome game!

Hi thanks for checking out my app. This version doesn't have that feature but i am rewriting the whole app and that feature will be ready later today. Also it will be uploaded to the newer project. If you click on my account you can find the new version

will it be announced here on the itch page or your discord or somewhere else?

Paint Jam 2021 community · Created a new topic Theme?
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Hi, other than  using paint for the graphics, will there be a theme to follow and if so where will it be announced? 

the game is terrifying and very intense but I like it!

fun game! I really like the visuals - it's simple but nice! Not sure if this is intentional slow-mo but when ever you blow up a lot of enemies all at once the game really lags. Other than that the game is awesome, great work!