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soon! I want to clean up some songs first before I compile the final track list, but it'll be on Bandcamp and maybe also Steam & Itch.io once it's ready.

added, thanks!

what platform are you playing on? Xinput and directinput gamepads are supported on Windows. If the game doesn't recognize your controller, you may have to use something like Joy2Key and bind the controls that way.

not this one, but the next update will catch up all platforms to current version. Sorry about the wait, shouldn't be too much longer on the update.

not certain what specifically is causing this but apparently it's happened to some. You can force character unlocks by editing savedata.ini (in AppData\Local\BINKY_S_TRASH_SERVICE ) and setting (in this case) char_unlocked_7="1.000000" .

If that doesn't fix it, the upcoming patch will address it directly.

https://ondydev.itch.io/binkys-trash-service 🇺🇦

woah! thanks for investigating! yeah that script was a quick & dirty optimization on my part. I tried your method and it seems to function as intended after a few tweaks (unsure what framecount is for but those objects should always reactivate, obj_player_cache is just obj_player). 

I can't do a hotfix at the moment so this'll be in the next major patch, which should (hopefully) be out within the next month or so.

thanks again for helping optimize the game! I would love to see it running on old hardware!

hi, thanks for the report. I have rolled out 3.3.3 which fixes this issue. the key for dropping umbrellas was still hard-coded to the original control scheme (C), and would not work after changing the controls or using a gamepad. should be all good now!

one of the best, very glad to see it on itch :)

very weird! they are supposed to be enabled by default as long as no gamepad is connected on boot. I'll try and replicate the issue and see if there's something I can fix in the next patch. thanks for the feedback!

Hi! Currently I don't have access to a 64-bit Mac to compile on (and don't know when I will...) but once I do I will add support for it. Thanks for your comment!

Hi ArsonsAra, I really appreciate the feedback!

The item allowing you to see the pages is bugged out. I'll be rolling out a patch sometime soon to correct this, but if you want to see the remaining pages on the map in the current version, they'll show up on there when you get the monster radar from the shop in the mothership. And if you ever script, never trust your instincts when you copy and paste!

The issue with the Wxndigo is something I went back and forth a lot on during development. The idea to make the monster based on that came from a point in development when I was experiencing creative block and combing through Wikipedia and Google images for inspiration. Upon designing the monster and showing it off to a few people, I received a little bit of caution from those who knew more about its significance I did. But I was attached to the design I came up with, and admittedly frustrated with the idea that naming it anything else might break cohesion with the cryptid theme. I tried to compromise by altering the name. It was Windymoose at one point, but I went back to Windygoon which in retrospect didn't really do enough to remove the connection. Anyway, I do want to correct this, so I'll be renaming the monster to Deimoose in the next update. Apologies for any harm done!

I really appreciate the kind words about the game! Tres-Bashers has effectively been my 2021 project. I'm happy to see so many people really vibe with the game!