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This is beautiful art an also mood for everybody who had their computer malwared, nice work!

This is beautiful, used it during  guest lecture of game-as-zines in the "alternative media" class of my friends, hopefully some of those folks will play this and experience this. It's okay to cry

and thaaaanks

ane yet I never read Ballard ))))))))))) Well, I was thinking about to epand this a little and tinker aroud so I might get to it once i get the largest game of ine out soon (weeks)

So much thanks! We made it over a short and due to some circumstances not so intensive weekend so this is much appreciated, we wanna make some other walking-sim trips in the future) 

THANKS our intention, <3

we have definitive edition planned with moe polished ending etc )))) thanks for playing!

raytracing update soon! @fishtrone

What makes you say that?

We love Beginner's Guide by the way.

This has been so good, I love the artstyle and the subversion both in terms of genre and the hint system which is basically compulsotry but you are really sure only like the last two hints or something. Music plus graphics/artstyle are great, thanks for this!

Hey! stumbled upon this by to tal chance and it's adorable and hot. Keep up!

This is so beautiful, you should polish it more, the art style is top notch

We came up with this game during GameJam and decided to polish it further and release it as a WebGL, because we feel that the dating sim (and videogame) world is missing some true ballistic missile romance among the stars! 

Pre-apocalyptic romance between two ballistic missiles. How will the world end? And more importantly: how will your dance of startospherical love end? You decide in our dating sim between the stars, satellites and shiny metal. 

Bloom - Screen Shake - Feels - Word Chain - End of the World

Thanks for playing and any suggestions!

this is my very first game (solo), which I coded, drawn and put all together by myself, in Unity. It's a game depictin my everyday worries because of dealing with weird anxiety, OCD (content-warning). It's short, hand-drawn, the background is my actual room.  Thanks so much for playing and looking forward to any feedback!

Link (Playable in Browser, recommended fullscreen, keyboard needed):

Hey, "nice" short experience. And nice in way that... I have weird OCD as well (not washing but other stuff) and this strikes kinda close to home, so good job, the feeling is definitely there. Fingers crossed for you!

thanks, yea, we may fix that in future versions as you're not the only one who got lost in the first scene, might add some arrows or directions :)

#flattered :) Thank you so much!

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Me and my friends just made our first game during Prague GDS Jam and we want to share it with you and get some feedback :)

We tend to idealise our future and our life. Our game deals with that. We present six different situations/mini-games where the contrast between the dream and the reality may be most striking - life goals, work, war, relationships, old age, death. You can switch between the ideal and real version any time you want with the space bar. We also tried to explore some more social issues. 

Reality On/Off was made by 4 people in 48 hours, contains original assets only (and one vaporwave remix done by us). 

Thank you for trying!


<3 Thank you for the kind words! We're glad you like it, can I just ask what are the 6 % off for? :) I mean, were always looking for honest critique, right. Thanks!

Wow, this is really nice! It looks like you used the Bitsy to the fullest. I appreciate the tone/mood, but also the subtle working with the flat layout and how it progresses through the relationship (in minimalistic graphics) and - of course! - the colors. Very nice. Some bitsy games tend to get a lot generic it seems to me, but this is not. And the interlude with cat and sunset/sunrise is great. I like the dissonance between continuity of the game screens and time discontinuity of the fictional time.

Very nice work. Reflection of the stars in the bowl of milk for a cat. I'm gonna think about that next time I'll go to sleep!