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Thanks so much for the feedback and thorough play. The thing with being able to turn off the music is really good, also i will relay the rest to our dev team :) Thanks a bunch!

This is beautiful, i love the voice acting, truly, heartfelt and written in such a haunting and enticing way. Also: the Berlin nostalgia (been there a few times) and the candy-contemporaryglosscore slot machine aesthetics are sick. Great work.

Beautiful prose, style and eeriely poetic vibe. Loved it. Thank you.

Beautiful and eerie, profound sense of loss, but with a glint of longing and deeply sorrowful melancholy that complements very unique 3D art direction. A gem.

dík brácho!

please drop the update vcersion soon cant wait to play yaaiyaydiyydia

whoa thank you heartwarming!

This is beatoful, inspirational for my phd work on avatars at intersection of games and fine art, will maybe reach out, i loved the fact how unclear it is from the start all the interactions you can have how you can hold up hand... mesmerizing, really,

I love the art style, the screenshots doesnt do it justice tbh, the diorama-ish look of layered paper, very original! Top-notch vibes!

I love this! Really inventive and aesthetically pleasing use of a platform that is full of kitsch and weird attention grabbers... will drop a mention or two across my book on games I'm writing now :) good luck with all!

This was really nice, I liked how you could paint not and not just erase, a nice twist on If found... the voiceover adds so much. Thank you for sharing this work of art!

It is actually used in classrooms all over the world, Czechia as well as numerous American schools and so forth, Charles Games offer EDU packages with a big volume discounts so yea! :)

Despite being one man, the developer of this game really knows what his fans want. On Friday, I had burned my hand with flaming oil and stayed eight straight hours in a neglectful "healthcare" facility that took eight hours to bandage my recently singed flesh. This left me with very limited use of my left hand, thus rendering me unable to play most games as they tend to require two hands. This hero of a developer kept his clientele in mind, and made it so this game could easily be played with one hand. I can tell just by that design choice that this is an upstanding Christian man who had developed a wholesome Christian game. Obviously this game was designed for people with limited mobility such as myself, as I cannot think of any other reason why this game should be played with one hand. These design choices lead me to believe that there is still hope left for humanity, 10/10.

neat idea, love the execution, and the vibe and the font uwu for ever!

ah I see I shall pack better next time

why she hates me :( 

This his honestly beautiful, in terms of gameplay and vibes, as a somebody who's climbing sometimes this is enjoyable, dynamic, smooth,  reminds me a little of the chill vibe of Short Hike. Love the tension you get when your up the mountain and have to carefully click your hands while the boulder dissipates! Anyway, one thing I would add - a rogalo to glide off the tops!!!

Keep up the great work!

After experimenting with Twine a bit I decided to channel my visit to UK and the sea (I'm from an inland country) into an interactive experience. Using stones gathered there, with a modulated recording of a sea, it is about memories, remembering and forgetting,  the past, the days ahead. Thanks for playing.

On a Shore, One Wishful Transcendence by Ondrej Trhon (

On a Shore, One Wishful Transcendence by Ondrej Trhon (

ma to dva konce ktere sou ale jakoby podobny mood jen trochu jine texty podle toho jestli plaves dal nebo jdes zpet na plaz 

pockej takze si to nedohral? no je to rng muze se to stat )

So cute!🌸Please make a follow-up levels, would work wonders with touch on mobile, reminds me of Gnog! Good work AND I AM UNBIASED!

Thank you!

So I finally released the biggest project of mine to date. Fully hand-drawn, with original recordings (yes, even the hum of the computer is the actual one), personal work about my lockdown fatigue and homeoffice clutterness. Hidden-object/interactive experience.

Play at , any feedback/comment appreciated. 

Fall 2020, me and my cluttered desk. Interactive experience about objects too familiar, dusty digital files and home office hangover.


Wow thanks so much, i already got the wig from a friends let's see )))) I really appreciate you took time to write a comment, thanks!

This is beautiful art an also mood for everybody who had their computer malwared, nice work!

This is beautiful, used it during  guest lecture of game-as-zines in the "alternative media" class of my friends, hopefully some of those folks will play this and experience this. It's okay to cry

and thaaaanks

ane yet I never read Ballard ))))))))))) Well, I was thinking about to epand this a little and tinker aroud so I might get to it once i get the largest game of ine out soon (weeks)

So much thanks! We made it over a short and due to some circumstances not so intensive weekend so this is much appreciated, we wanna make some other walking-sim trips in the future) 

THANKS our intention, <3

we have definitive edition planned with moe polished ending etc )))) thanks for playing!

raytracing update soon! @fishtrone

What makes you say that?

We love Beginner's Guide by the way.

This has been so good, I love the artstyle and the subversion both in terms of genre and the hint system which is basically compulsotry but you are really sure only like the last two hints or something. Music plus graphics/artstyle are great, thanks for this!

Hey! stumbled upon this by to tal chance and it's adorable and hot. Keep up!

This is so beautiful, you should polish it more, the art style is top notch

We came up with this game during GameJam and decided to polish it further and release it as a WebGL, because we feel that the dating sim (and videogame) world is missing some true ballistic missile romance among the stars! 

Pre-apocalyptic romance between two ballistic missiles. How will the world end? And more importantly: how will your dance of startospherical love end? You decide in our dating sim between the stars, satellites and shiny metal. 

Bloom - Screen Shake - Feels - Word Chain - End of the World

Thanks for playing and any suggestions!

this is my very first game (solo), which I coded, drawn and put all together by myself, in Unity. It's a game depictin my everyday worries because of dealing with weird anxiety, OCD (content-warning). It's short, hand-drawn, the background is my actual room.  Thanks so much for playing and looking forward to any feedback!

Link (Playable in Browser, recommended fullscreen, keyboard needed):