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:/ qué mierda es esto jajaja muy bueno, viajazo, buena aventura gráfica

oye muy bueno, corto pero sorpresivo y bine dibujado

ey this game is fabulous, I love the characters so cute

Hi, I release now one of my game assets, it can be used in natural sandbox environments, with tribal humans that port different dresses and tools, it include flora, fauna and mineable minerals!

link to page

This is a strategic multiplayer LAN/online game (for Windows), so you need a friend to play. Note: 2 players can play, but we recommend 3 players or more to have maximum fun.

A turn based game keep the players waiting for one player actions, this is a cycle based game, so each player has their own turn cycle, in that aspect, one player can reach more cycles if take fast decisions.

You can fight with military, ideological or economical power, and in more than 2 players you can ally with someone to destroy anotherone, the possibilities are many.

Each cycle has 3 steps: buildsendwait.


  • 5 Types of buildings.
  • Improvements for each building.
  • 10 Types of shipments.
  • 3 Ways to conquer: military, ideological, economic.
  • 2 Resources: population and money.
  • Random disasters that can hit some player.
  • Units command like RTS.
  • LAN connection.
  • Online connection.
  • Chat support, to talk with all or with a specific player.
  • Minimap.
  • English and Spanish languages.
  • Player limit: what the network supports.
  • Main menu with war simulation.
  • Notificacions.
  • Discord group to know people to play.
  • Full information in tooltips.

The game is in test period so I dont know how many people it supports. Is so hard test multiplayer games XP

El juego está también en español, es un desarrollo hecho en Colombia.

plis respect for the time and knowledge of creators, and men (or kid) find a job

Good game, I love how the 3D desk looks, very scientific!

Very great art and concept, the music nice too!

I am thinking in how many results it has... because combinatory with repetition for 15 colours in 4 spaces is like 3060 possibilityes, so the game requires expensive 3D art to be complete :s

An observation, the interactuable objects need to respond at mouse pass, because the player clic in many thing to see if it interact.

Nice job!

Ey great game in GMS, I love how crazy it is, the characters are so cool

I play it using Xpader, a software to map keyboard to gamepads

wow, the art is amazing, I love it

good movement and mechanics! charismatic alien! two improves, the long text can be good if you put a percent or bar load to know how many text reach. And the world is too small! a larger one with screen move can be ok. Good mini game men!

the game is so cool, I like it, is simple and with good use of dices

so rare, need better manual, but good

gracias, no hay prisa, la verdad los PDFs no son necesarios, con que descargues el .exe es suficiente para juzgarlo

Waaaaw, is a great game, the stetic is inmersive, looks melancholic, the gameplay is kinestesic, great world, the only thing I change is the colour change, is something confusing sometimes

good, it has depth and atmosphere

:O incredible!!! this game is just creative and so singular, you are really pro dev.

This is to post the upgrades of our games, feel free to let us know where your vampire game was improve!!!

I made upgrades to Vampiwis, in the game page you can see the link to Gamejolt (it will be in Itch when Jam voting ends).

Include: narrative added, more increase of difficult in days advance, a female character, effects like fire when in sun, triggers to events, etc.

This game has a good idea, an interesting level design / level art. But is frustrating sometimes, I find an none escape zone, and dont see restart button.

The game needs better informatión, for example, whats is the mission? I see many paths, or what are the light points, score? not. The speed can be showed in the character, for example in light intensiti or a bar.

Its a good game, the minimalistic stetic is cool, looks very casual. But needs more info and level design to dont look frustrating.

The controls cant work :(

oh no, I like the decoration, but I points to the difference bethween it and the game intro, it is rare. The game is good but some hard to me u.u

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wow, you look really ready to program more and more. I like the try to make your own art, it is great, in its way we feel that the games are our games! and interesting that you have the main idea of how your vampires work in depth!

Ohh I know jumps in platformers are hard, I don't have experience in platformers. So think in the idea of: you arent making a normal human jumping, so crash some phisic rules... (is more something emotional to say). Ey man to reach the theme the only one thing needed is... decoration, assets that looks all vampiric!

when game jam ends you can improve your game (when ends the califfication time), it will be great, is a good stetic to improve!

Ok this game obviously has high rating, I say that it is magnifique in narrative, voice, creativity, art... I can say many positive things about this, but now focus in critique:

When run, escape in a escene, I find me captched in front of bathroom mirror, and I restart all the game to try again...
I love the graphics, specially the high art, but the pixel tile maps mmm can be more pro, because the game can be pro! (ok is many many sprites, but can be pro)
The theme is not at all, so you handle a vampire yes, but is more focused in the party, friends, other monsters (perfect halloween theme), I didn't even feel the vampiric habilities as the protagonist!
The history is so good even you forget that gameplay is weak, ok use a grid to walk help to program for example: interaction with things... but I feel slow, captched, rigid when move and collide in the scenary.

Its a fabulous game in high art and narrative, but I would improve the low art and gameplay mechanics / puzzles in mini-games.

Good game, the game page decoration is so good, classic, but don't acomplish with the game; for example, the intro is great, but you can use a classical vampire instead of the meme, so the classical external game page decoration turns in a meme inside...

The game is very fluid, gravity is hard to handle, in general gameplay is hard to me because I play a little. but looks good, a plataformer for gamers of arcade :v

normally in platforms the way to lose is falling down at void or at lva, sticks, etc; here you los with sun and fire, so game design at end is more difficult than other platformers; you can make initial easy zones with little voids and need to jump fast to evade the sun, in difficult zones the sun and voids are many

Good temple and monster hands, music and grouls. I see the mouse sensitivity very high and when touch walls rotate the character, its look bad in camera. I find it good at first like a virtual visit to a museum (more light will be ok), next I dont know what to do and nothing to fight.

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Ok I confess this is not my favorite genre of game :s so I see you make good graphics, at old style, I think looks better a pieces biggest than the grid, with depth of draw. The narrative looks good, you seriously spend many time in it, personally for me is much text, but people that play pokemon or old zelda will be happie :3
The theme for me is low, you say that he is a vampire, but dont show it, fighting with two rats with help of a robot in sunlight? I dont understand the vampires of this times :s

Ok and the theme? I only see stickmans shooting with guns in a disco place, the IA looks good, is hard, the stickmans move good but gameplay need better jumps. Ey I wanna see vampire games!

Great game! use the 3 vampire forms is good to understand the vampiric nature ;)

really a great rating here, one of the best games that I see just now in the jam, now some critique:

when I play, the wolf form was used a little, so I don't see more advantage than bat form (is more for run long). The velocity of gameplay looks some slow, at first is good, but to retry one and another time, it feel slow. The level design is good but is some hard to me even in easy mode so I dont know how the story ends... The wolf looks like an unicorn, in gray / black was better I think...

Beauty art!!!

I like how looks the world, the casttle, cemetery, all, minimalistic with game of two colors, ediffices distants; the gameplay is something slow, heavy in times. The thing I don't understand is: what happend here? why birds attack? is my character vampire? why zombies attack he? what we need to do? the game requires more info to contextualize

The gameplay is low, but is normal in this kind of detectiv/policiac games. Visual is good, I like this pixel art, the main character walks so funny, but the environment (like other characters) need more animation to look lived. The audio is good, but repetitive. The narrative is the best part here, at end I dont understand good the vampire nature... looks like an serial killer with vampire delire? or a real vampire?

Ok the kinestesi is the feel of movement, the flow of movement, for example, MarioBross has bad kinestesics, but HolowKnight is great so looks like parkour. Today platformer games need good kinestesics. But ok, maybe the stretched in my test kils the jump flow of movement, so maybe is not too bad like I experiment... ???

Ey man, podrías hacer review de un nuevo juego que hice para una Jam de Vampiros?

obviously this take five stars in many items, because is art, ok all games are art, but this is only art. The theme romantic is interesting because the turn in history, but is not a big turn, yet vampires are associate with war and erotism in many novels. In general is a great work, the draws are amazing, the sound effects, redaction. The only thing I dont like in this genre of game is its small gameplay.

Ey! what about mix this genre with... platformer for example...

Imagine talk a history with full art (like this), in middle has platformer castle travel bethween areas (like castlevania), and even an isometric (like my game) scene to reproduce the final part of the history (te remembered one)...

Ok I am seeing the growt of all haha