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Just released my Ludum Dare 41 submission, and I'd appreciate it if anyone could come check it out. It's a browser game, so you don't need to download if you wanna play, and it's an arcade game, so there's no big time commitment. Thanks!

If you happen to be participating in Ludum Dare 41, please rate the game at:$75482

Hey Guys!

Yeah, maybe I should make it more obvious

Added it to the games description

Have you tried dashing around more? (spacebar)

Thanks! The support is appreciated

This is a fast paced, action packed, retro arcade game. It's a challenging, bullet hell-esque top down shooter.

More information in the game description

Any plays, rates, or comments would be very appreciated


This game is incredibly polished! The art is amazing, the physics are on point, and everything just works. Overall, great. The only thing, is that the difficulty doesn't scale well. Not to say that it's too hard, just that the order of the levels should be changed.

Any playing/rating/replying would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Game url:

I'd like feedback on:


-overall fun

-any other critiques you have on the game

Details of development:

I decided to start at around 10:00 in the morning, working on the game  until roughly 8:00 with about 1 hour of other things (eating, chores, break). I the proceeded to make things like icons and headers for the game, finally uploading it to gamejolt at around 10:00 pm the same day

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Jelly Jousting is a 2 player hotseat multiplayer game. Move around the arena as you dodge and shoot bullets to try and take out your enemy! This game was made in around 12 hours 100% from scratch as a kind of 'personal challenge', which I can highly recommend for anyone wanting to test their game developing skills. This is NOT a commercial project, just kind of me playing around.

Find the game at https://omnipotentindie.itch.i...

Here's a snippet of gameplay: