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Omega grim

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you ever want to be Vernon Dursley keeping the letter from Harry, well here is your chance. I like knocking him over that was a nice touch. 

really well designed and very creative. 

That came out really good, I'm going to have to watch your twitch. 

I like the little sidekick, he has a lot of character. 

we are so happy people are able to find the other level, the other level has no music because the ticking clock sound is based on distance and I was worried that music would cover that up. I wanted the feeling of waking up from a dream. 

how big of a world is that? I sailed all over the place. I even got to kill a red sailed ship, so that was fun. 

the music is the best I have heard all day and the gameplay is fun, might want to turn on the full screen option though every time I hit up arrow to jump the screen went up, might just be my laptop.

that was alot of fun. they should have made a game like that when MIB came out, I would have played it all the time. 

the first time I turned off the lights and the guys turned into a ghost was scary I was not expecting a chase, I like the little gasp noise when it catches you. 

that is an interesting take on a maze game, the music and graphics fit really well together, the game has a nice overall vibe to it. 

the game  is larger than it seems and takes a moment to load, can you find the way out? 

there is more to this game than dropping fruit. did you find the secret?

momobkp! So glad you played dude.  I really liked your game. Check you at the next jam!

thanks for playing! Yeah it’s a little slick on the movement, but it lets you get some momentum going which can be helpful if your on a run. We will probably add some traction in the next version.

Thanks for playing! level four was kind of my take on  the end of levels on marioland for Gameboy where the good exit is up high and you have to take a special route to get there. We debated removing the spikes, but ultimately decided to keep them. 

nothing like a gun that shoots infinite boxes to have fun. those guys in black suits need to chill, it is fun pushing them down the holes though. 


that is exactly why people use a pop up blocker.

Good game, after the second cut scene the enemies didnt move though which was to bad because it sounded like they were going to start shooting back. and after the fourth level the arrow button in the cut scene doesnt do anything. it always could be my laptop, but you might want to verify. 

thanks for your comments, level selection in the game over screen is a great idea, and as for the spikes I debated putting them on the  description page by the portals but decided against it for some reason.

that was alot of fun, I wish there were other ways then the banana that would trip the humans up. 

no more drugs for this man!

stuck at 99% when loading dude, could be my laptop, but for me at least its stopping at the unity loading logo. 

I liked the whole splitting your time between a nice school and the upsidedown. I am surprised you haven't had more comments and ratings yet. It plays like a solid game. 

WELL DONE! I don't think I ever played a game like that before. 

"death by impact not by falling" nice. I did like the sound effect when I went to slide right off the edge. 


took a minute to get the controls. it is satisfying to shoot a bullet and hit four at once though!

the movement really feels like steering a tornado, and the game play is alot of fun.

that leader board is a really cool feature. the art style reminds me of adult swim cartoons for some reason. 


simple game, but alot of fun and definitely get chaotic once more than one cannon is firing. Definitely one of the best I played so far!

I liked the controls it felt like battle tank. Something about cleaning in a video game is  strangely satisfying.

I like you added a custom cursor, I like seeing attention to detail like that. the death animation is entertaining too!

I really like the concept and the art style. that progress bar that pops up at the bottom when you lose kind of reminds me of cuphead. 

I really like the art and the way the sprites move. definitely feels like a fleshed out world.

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ilbini! Thanks for playing  dude.  I watched the video tutorials you sent me last time we talked. Seems straight forward. I’ll message you if I ever get it done!  

that’s really cool. Thank you so much for putting my game in a video! 

your amazing thank you so much!

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just out of curiosity, if I wanted to build something similar. Would I be looking for tutorials on FPS or point and click adventures? I have always wanted to build a virtual art gallery and have a few friends who are artists hang some pictures there. What you built is almost exactly what I want to build, just some pictures you click them and it gives a description. My problem is I don’t even know where to start researching.