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yes i just wanted to have fun. its not good to be too ambitious with first projects.people saying this is horror make me want to actually try making a horror game though.🤔

what suicide message? i dont know what you mean

it should automatically log in if you type the password in lowercase with no spaces

man this is SO cool !!!!!!!

stop lying to me

less than a month

Impish smile emoji

Yes. same usarname on IG.


Thanks! What ive briefly seen of hylics did inspire me to use clay but iwas thinking more neverhood

im really glad you like the atmosphere! Yes it was intended to be annoying and bad and cringe even which is a point for the art im trying to create now. the puzzle[spoiler alert] was supposed to point u to look under the bed, where theres a paper with the password for the blog found on the computer.The clue on the desktop was there also to say the first two lines of that fridge riddle are meaingless. Thanks a lot for this kind of feedback, this was really just a silly attempt at a game, but now i will try harder in the future to make clearer puzzles:p

cooooooool idea!!!


so cute and fun

I have to thank you for being a total legend and making an awesome tool that allows even me with difficulties to easily make something playable

i really enjoyed reading your thoughts on this jam and drinking the mysterious fluid. and in general the zine looks SO COOL like r u kidding me the intro looks straight out of rpg maker!Im dying to know how you made the typewriter effect, everytime im suprised how much you can do in this  excited to see what you make next:)


i imagine tenicide mans soul fell into a tennis ball which fell into the gutter of the bowling alley and the tennis ball now spins in the bowling alley like a basketball without a finger until it is struck by gutter man and shot into a golf field to be found and kicked by a footbal player.

Thanks for playing! 

I made collages in gimp of my clay scultpures, my photos and some stock tidbits. only the fridge is a 3d model, the train is a real toy i found in my cellar

what a beautiful place :)

i love neverhood!:0thanks

Incredible, the look,the story, everything...and addictive

i enjoyed this :~)

oh:((hurts good, beautiful

Really cool