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Really great game. Best one I've played today. The controls are a little awkward switching back and forth but it's a neat concept worth exploring.

I liked it. Overall, it's pretty cool. The game made me feel angry though that the girl would be heart broken that I knocked all of them down except for one.

Really, really great intro music. I was listening to it in the background because I got pulled away when I pulled up the game and was thinking, "Damn, that's some good music."

The graphics were really cool and the concept seemed interesting, but I didn't really understand what was happening. After I placed the triangular thing to stop people, it said I lost.

Got confused at the controls intially. It wasn't initially clear after I was pressing space bar that something was happening. Neat concept. Why does it end when you get a match though?

Cool entry. Dig the concept and the graphics. The second level froze up after a few times I died. Not sure why.

I like the theme of ducks going down a river. 

It didn't seem anything was happening when I clicked or used the arrow keys. At least, I didn't seem to be exerting control.

I don't know what I was supposed to do jump over the pit. I just fell into the pit each time.

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Kudos.

It's not really playing well on my computer on the web version. I can't tell if its stuttering because it's doing too much or if its the controls.

Loved the graphics, but the play screen too big for my small screen. Also, the challenge felt insurmountable.

Cool concept. It'd be nice if there was an indication of how low the sky goes before you die. Overall, very cool, mechanics, art and sound.

Really, really impressive. Overall a really great game concept-wise, art-wise, sound-wise.

I didn't actually play with another person but I feel like that could be an awesome experience.

Really loved the artwork and the style of the game. I didn't understand what I was supposed to do though.

Thanks! Appreciate the response

Yeah, you got it.


Well, you did a great job nonetheless. Kudos

I see the problem now. I have a really small monitor, so my resolution is only... 1024x768, so on my screen, you can't see the ending on that level. And if you go off-screen, you just die.

I think it's the third one after the ice cream, and the bus stop

Thanks for the in-depth response. I'll check it out.

Oh, I never realized the sound in the background was supposed to be a heart until I read Cian's post. I didn't particularly enjoy it, but that context makes sense.

I really enjoyed the narrative. I didn't understand what to do when the people who were staring at me came up.

Good concept though. I liked it.

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Yeah, the sound bug is one I wished I had fixed before I uploaded.  

How did you force the second police into the pit?  Oh, wait I think I understand how you did it. You placed it where there was not enough space between the block blocking it over the hole and the flower, so it raised up and immediately went onto the block instead.. Interesting. I'll make sure to put more than one block next time. THanks for that!

I was concerned about the use of the blue flower, because it's supposed to be used to stop the cop with the gun from shooting the protester, but it also stops the protester.  And I'm not sure it's clear that the blue flower does that. Thanks for this bug though!

Really appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

Damn, that's a weird bug. Wasn't able to replicate it though but appreciate the feedback. Thanks for the the reply!

Concept was interesting, but the controls were a little off. Sometimes, I would click on the person. Sometimes it would click on something else. Sometimes, it would move the person. Sometimes, it would breed with the other person.

Loved the art and the concept. The controls were a little  wonky and sometimes, the game felt impossible because there was nothing you could do if the enemies were going back and forth.

Really dug the sounds and the concept was neat. Wasn't sure what to do once I got to the second screen though.

Not sure how to proceed on that splitting level with the lava, but really great game. The one I enjoyed the most so far.

I really liked the presentation of controls in game. Brilliant.

Brilliant. There wasn't any way to fight back, right? It was just dodging, right?

Really like this entry. Kudos

Thanks. Appreciate your response. 

Are you still on Because it won't run on this website.

Yeah, it was really tense for me to work on, because I only had one day to work on it, but I'm glad I was able to get it up. Thanks for the response! Appreciate it.

Great game though. Really inspiring.

Pretty cool.  I really dug it.

Really awesome. How did you get the 3d graphics? Make em yourself or get them somewhere?

This is brilliant. Only played a handful of games from the jam so far but I hope this is the winner. 

My one criticism is that sides should be wrapping. Like left to right and so on. 

And maybe have a slightly more responsive mechanism for control. When you press a key, you're kind of locked in. But I get if that was a conscious design choice on your part.

Either way, great job and this inspired me to make something like this.

Hey, thanks for your response! 

In the game, I need permissions to update a local json file. I have no idea how I'd be able to do that on I even tried to set it up where I keep the local php and json files on my site and reference them from on a new project but turns out I need to be running on https in order to do that.