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Hey LimeZu. Can you recommend any monster/zombie assets that might fit with your Modern series? I need some kind of monster. 

There's this one when Playing a dialogue. It highlights the first line in dark red with black text. If you have a one line dialogue then it's nearly impossible to read. You need to remember to put a blank line at the end of each dialogue.

drafft community · Created a new topic Quick start guides

Hi all

Are there any quick start guides or videos to watch for total noobs to Drafft to help get started? I use Unity and Pixel Crushers Dialogue System and want to use Drafft to build dialogues whilst offline (on the train, important client meetings) before importing back in to Unity. 

However the learning curve seems quite high and the docs seem fairly thin on the ground. A series of short Youtube vids to explain how it all fits together would be great. 

drafft community · Created a new topic Colour issues


Just installed v1.1.1 and noticed that in Win11 in dark mode some of the colours are messed up. The Agree Terms button isn't visible and other links are black on black such as the Open DB link.



This is exactly why I'm here. Tony at Pixel Crushers is aware of the desire to get native export/import in place so it's worth reaching out to him. 


Is there an ETA for the modern buildings pack?

god bless you!

Don't suppose you fancy adding some additional monsters to the character pack? Perhaps a zombie or two and a skeleton, or some blobby things? The ghosts on odd green chap are good but more would be great.  

Will you be doing any more Modern packs after Interiors? Perhaps Modern buildings or something?


Any chance you could add alternative skin colours to the character sheets? There are a few non-white characters, but it would be good to have all the characters with skin tone options.

How long do you think the second package will take to release?

Sorry, when I said Modern City, I meant your Omega Modern tileset.

Does the Future Fantasy collection fit with, broadly speaking, the Modern City set? I want some more futuristic interiors for some buildings and this seems ideal but I can't quite tell whether it'll stand out too much. 

+1 for that suggestion. 

Great pack. Thanks. 

In the Cars sprite sheet you have three versions of each car. Are these meant to be an animation? I can't see any difference between the three images of each car, but certainly an animation would be nice.