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Did you kept my mail address for Google Play and added me to receive new version ?

Or I must fill this form ?

Le game-play me semble abordable pour des gamins de 10-12 ans, par contre la difficulté augmente trop vite lors des 3 premiers étages, ça pourrait paraitre rédhibitoire pour certains de perdre aussi vite lors de la première partie.

Pour la version Flash, un bouton ou option pour basculer en plein-écran serait la bienvenue (même si ça doit t'imposer de faire des bandes noires latérales).

J'ai un mobile avec Android KitKat, tu peux m'envoyer une invitation à, je t'indiquerais en réponse le mail de mon compte Google pour Push ton appli.

Cute graphics, nice game-play for future (?) release on tablet or smartphone.


Je ne suis plus très jeune, mais j'aime beaucoup les jeux qui ont un style cartoon ou un style que l'on prête habituellement que pour des enfants. Ce n'est pas par nostalgie des 80-90s mais pour la sensation poétique que çà donne et que je n'ai pas avec des graphismes hyper-réalistes.

Autonauts by Denki et Kerbal Space Program sont de beaux exemples qu'il y a un public adulte pour des jeux trés élaborés (à la frontière du serious game) avec des graphismes dans ton style.

Bref, si tu fais un jeu trop complexe pour des gosses en gardant ton style, j'aimerais l'essayer.

Bonne continuation l'artiste :)

Hi, I will retry recent release soon and I known which song I will listen while lovely playing...

Last week I discovered soundtrack by Quindar inspired from Arabella & Anita story ; first spidernauts (as Alan Bean, Apollo 12, said), first spiders sent in space to see if they can build a web aboard Skylab space station while 1973.

Their mission was hard, nobody believed they success, but they did it ! I wrote their story in french in the forum bellow. First post purpose links to official YouTube video or on SoundCloud.

"Rumours of newly discovered flora in far-away lands added..."

Found, not a flower but this is cute. I submit we can take fruits without cutting it. Can folks eat them ?


Somebody succeed to build bridge which reach other side of the sea ??!

Idea about this :

I submit a strong cooperative multiplayer mode, stronger than any existed game, players must cooperate or they will loose.

How to made strong cooperative mode ? I submit each player can do few things, not same things than each others.

Example: first, the game define skills (lumberjack, farmer, miner, engineer). Each skill allow to use dedicated tool, or allow to order workerbot to use this tool, and allow to put dedicated blueprint on map. Each player have one or two skills (if team have less than 4 players).

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IMPORTANT:  no one should discover secret flower before me ^^

Today, I obtained 200 stones (because I need 50 metal ores), and my Infamous Stones Storage still to grow...

My storage have enough stones to cover all map, but I couldn't do nothing with them, no road, no bridge, no wall, and no pretty re-use :o(

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Need a way to destroy anything (we obtain too many stone or seed with new gameplay). I submit two new building below.

  • Incinerator: destroy anything which can burn (log, wood plank or pole, seed, wood tools, dung too, etc)
  • Breaker: destroy anything

I submit that these building take very long time to destroy something, most longer time for the breaker.

NB: and pleaaaaaaaaaseeeee, need aesthetics things (flowers, small tree, etc)

The worst thing which has changed ; seedling are no longer stacked verticaly... I can't make flower pots anymore, no way to finish Westclaytown as I imagined it T__T

You had broken all my pleasure, do you hate me ?

Already did, dung looks like "brownies" cake ^^

"Dung left alone now disappears after 60 seconds"

Oh nooooôôOOOOO ! You had ruined the thing that made Dungtown so pretty :o(

Some problems or bugs with clay pots (probably related) :

1/ If we had stack of several clay pots (with or without another things), we can hover and highlight bottom pot only.

2/ If we leave one or several clay pots on bush, we can't click them any more (but workerbot can find and take them).

3/ If we leave something on a tile, and leave one or several clay pots on top, we can't click clay pot any more (but we can highlight and click another things into the stack which are under or on top of clay pots).

I would like create new city named "Westclaytown" :oP

I would like aesthetic features ; flowers, paths, road, wall and door, etc.

I reach the limit of dung potential ^^

I had this bug on several tiles, I fixed my save myself (recycled workerbots dedicated to farming, and removed wheat crops in test.txt).

Not sure, a cow probably eat the wheat before workerbot take it. I see (in test.txt) several workerbots (dedicated to take wheat) had tasks on these tiles.