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Yes, you are right, we didn't manage to put something into the game in time to explain this, but you are supposed to drag the dice on the right onto the dice from your tower at the bottom of the screen.

What a nice game idea!
Visuals are also very cute =D

[GMS2 2022.3]
I had a little problem with DialogueSystem_v121.yyz,
when I started the Demo an error ocurred after the first textbox, I could fix it by changing line 10 of Create Event of obj_camera from
    [ [1,1, 9,2, 16,4], -1, [1,3]],
    [ [1,1, 9,2, 16,4], [-1], [1,3]],
search [CTRL + SHIFT + F] for the word "Welcome" to find it.

thanks, there is also a free prototype of Dorfromantik:

Cuak! community · Posted in Cuak!

cuak? TT

Nice! Love the art!

Nice Game! Found it on GXC ;)

If you didn't find the problem in the meantime, see my comment above^^

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This is because GameMaker changed the way how scripts work.
You have to put everything inside the "playerAnimateSprite" script into the curly brackets of a function:

function playerAnimateSprite()
    // put code here

now I see Shaun already adressed this problem in a sticky comment under the yt video, have a look there for more information.

Nice concept, works really well! And already good leveldesign, although I didn't play all of them because It got frustrating for me relativly fast xD

Thank you for playing and commenting!

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Hi, your game was recommended to me by Jannik (see below) and I really like it! I was thinking about a very similar concept in the past and even made a prototype, but I found a game that was doing it better than my prototype, I recommend you have a look at "Astro Golf" for inspiration, it is very well done. Are you still working on this one?
(Now I want to work on my prototype again, lol)

omg, I heard that all the time in my last office (I am from germany, too)
Great idea for a game!

Thanks for your feedback and thanks for the reference, I checked out "Aquaculture Land" and the music is indeed the same, but we licenced it through the composer John French as mentioned in the description and I think so did the developers of "Aquaculture Land", so song is not an exclusive. But of course you are right, that has nothing to do with "fair use".

thanks for sharing!

If the game doesn't recognize your key inputs on the web version, please refresh your browser and try to not click outside the game window while playing.

thank you, yes, I think that is one of the biggest problems the game has right now, we thought about switching the controls to who is on which side on the screen, but I think that would confuse too, because they are often directly above of each other... but ingame tooltips would definitely help!

oh, you are right, there is a little mistake in the start screen, in fact for both characters the up (W) AND down (S) key work!

really great artwork!

Great game, the nice sound designs makes up for the minimalist graphics, nice level and enemy design too!

If the game doesn't recognize your key inputs on the web version, just refresh your browser and try to not click outside the game window while playing

thanks for the feedback, yes, ingame tooltips are a great idea!

thank you!

Thanks for playing!
 Yes, you can grow the palm tree! I hope to get the fishing update done this week :D

Very nice, but I think there is still a little bit of polish missing, some sounds when catching a fish, transition/screen when the time is over...

bug is fixed now, thanks for your feedback

Sadly we had to struggle to get a running version up in time and we are aware the game is not completly playable at the moment, but we are confident that we will make an update after the jam to make the full game playable :)
Thank you for trying our game!

Yes, I understand. But like in GameJams, it's nice to have little finished, working games :)

Very nice little toy!
Depth sorting is not working all the time, especially the bubbles are behind the clickable objects, but popping them is really fun (a little pop animation on top would have been great, too), and the bathbomb for resetting is a great idea!

thank you! :D

Cute game, worked really well! And already enough to do to keep one busy!

Ok, at first I thought I had to be patient until the cat is in the right mood to be petted 😅
With my own cat it is a great risk to try to pet him when he's not in the mood :)
Any way nice work and cute graphics 👍


Thank you very much, I will try but I can't rip off the complete original ;) But maybe it will become a mobile friendly alternative. Dorfromantik is only 9$ on Steam and certeinly there will be a sale again :)

nice gameplay, grippy controls!

Thank you :)

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Nice one!
Reminds a little bit of the start of THE WITNESS.