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Thank you. Should I select 'other' as the report reason, or would a different category be more appropriate?

I recently downloaded a game from Itch that uses half of my CPU and maxes out my GPU on the title screen, despite only showing very simplistic graphics. It is because of this that I suspect it of using my machine to mine cryptocurrency, or use the hardware for another nefarious purpose. I assume this kind of software may not be offered over Itch, so where should I go to have this looked into?

I have one more question. Why does the game use half of my CPU and max out my GTX 1060 when running the title screen in the background? I can't think of any reason it should be using so much power while only displaying such basic visuals.

Regarding the UI issue, it's quite simple. To grab a stone, for example, the prompt shows to press RT, but RT doesn't do anything. The button that performs the action is RB. Is there anything else I need to clarify?

It's an okay concept, but it's quite rough around the edges. The first thing I noticed was that the 'options' menu seems completely nonfunctional; selecting it didn't do anything. Secondly, the movement is a bit clumsy-feeling, and the UI seems to have mixed up the prompts for the trigger buttons and shoulder buttons, saying to press the former when it's actually the latter. Finally, I got stuck at the place with the steam jets that a previous commenter mentioned, and gave up.

In conclusion, it needs quite a bit of polish.

Like I said, I already tried that. It made no difference.

A tad bit frustrating, but it's an interesting concept. I'd also like to add that I like the abstract, geometry notebook-esque look.

One thing I might suggest would be to add a small delay (maybe half a second) between dying and respawning, so that the player has an opportunity to regain their bearings instead of just immediately dying again due to already having a key held down.

Apparently the player can get stuck in a corner if a few robots block them in. It happened to me, and they wouldn't free or kill me, instead just hanging around.

Simply a blast. Great work! As a side note, I thought of an alternative name for this game that I think is kinda clever: "Throwback".

By publishing a game, you're implicitly inviting feedback and criticism.

This seems like a great game, but I can't really seem to play it since having the 'W' key set to switch really throws me off. It would be nice to be able to choose a different switch key, or select them via the number keys.

I gave up at the first boss, so all of this only applies to the very beginning. Here are my complaints:

  • The music is so much louder than the one other sound I could hear.
  • The ground texture has poor tiling; at some places, you can see seams, and others, the tiles overlap each other.
  • Every time you die, you're shown a message in Twitch lingo that's frankly irritating.

And, most importantly, the gameplay is simply bland; seemingly all you do is dodge and shoot. Furthermore, the boss seemed incredibly tanky, and the player incredibly fragile. I estimate it would take 100 hits to defeat it, meaning you'd need to survive something like 50 seconds, even assuming you hit every single shot. It certainly doesn't help that you die in only 3 hits and you have to spend around 10 seconds walking to the boss every time you want to retry.

I admit that I can't be certain the rest of the game isn't any better, but it's not a good sign if your player wants to leave after 10 minutes. If you're truly confident you've made a fun game, at least polish it so the player wants to stick around. Otherwise, it makes the player feel like it was cranked out in a couple days without any regard for quality, and isn't worth their time.

Do you know of any workaround on the user side? Any trick to slow down the mouse movement before the game interprets it?

How do you lower the mouse sensitivity? For me, moving my mouse literally two inches turns me 360 degrees. I couldn't find a sensitivity setting the the options, and changing the pointer speed in Windows makes no difference.

Overall, this game was frustrating.


  • The music isn't bad.
  • Using the shotgun to fly and exploiting the blue launch pads to reach incredible speed are both fun.


  • The normal movement seems a little sluggish, especially the gravity.
  • Certain actions, like jumping, seem to cause the music to subtly skip.
  • Jumping is extremely inconsistent on anything that isn't flat, immovable ground. It seems very unpredictable on slopes and downright impossible on physics objects.
  • The boss fights are very tedious, in part because failing at them doesn't restart you at the fight, but all the way at the beginning of the level.
  • Your selected weapon resets on spawn, which can cause annoying deaths due to expecting to be able to airjump when you can't.
  • And finally, the most glaring issue, damage is totally inconsistent. Sometimes your attacks do no apparent damage for no obvious reason.

Why does the dialogue zip past way too quickly? It's like one frame per paragraph.